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Explore the potential of a new color aesthetic with the majestic and mysterious color purple. Trendy yet subdued, a pastel purple aesthetic will give your content a soft and sentimental feel. Use the expansive library of free Adobe Express templates and wallpapers to develop this aesthetic for yourself.

What is a purple aesthetic?

Long considered the color of royalty, purple is back in a big way for the 2020’s. Not only was “Very Peri” — a cool, blue-toned purple — designated Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022, but tones of lilac, wisteria, and lavender have been cropping up all over TikTok and Instagram. Inherently calming, pastel purple tones invoke feelings of nostalgia, sweetness, and luxuriating in your personal space with their connections to divinity, ceremony, and perennial floral themes.

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Purple color codes and shade examples

According to Adobe Color, the color hex code for lilac purple is #C8A2C8, and its RGB values are R: 200, G:162, B: 200. Lilac purple is equal parts red and blue, making it a solid example for a commonly used purple that represents the mid-range of this color well. It is a medium-light shade of magenta, connected to soft plums, rich orchids, and bold fuchsias. Specific tones that fall in the pastel or light purple family include:

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What does purple represent?

When it comes to developing a new color aesthetic, purple conveys both luxe and sentimental natures — which would explain why it has become a popular shortcut for anyone wanting to show off their style in an anything-but-basic way with this color.

Adopting a purple aesthetic for your brand conveys a sense of chic simplicity to your friends, customers, and followers. Keeping up with color trends will make sure your base keeps up with you as you explore changing seasonal hues. It also transfers the feelings evoked by this color to your brand, business, or profile.

Maintain brand consistency with matching or corresponding purple aesthetic pictures in your signage and posts. As purple bumps up feelings of nostalgia, richness, and elegance, it’s a great color for products that need to pop, like featured items or new arrivals, so that you can feel at ease around sorting out what needs to stand out and what pertains to the day-to-day.

Purple aesthetic wallpaper examples and types

Sweeten up your screen game with these professionally designed purple wallpapers for your iPhone, and purple backgrounds for your tablet, laptop, and desktop computer.





Purple aesthetic templates to explore

Keep up with recurring color trends with these purple aesthetic templates.



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Adding a purple background to your pictures

Do you have a fun picture or image you want to improve with a purple background? You can create a purple aesthetic background for collages or profile pictures, or any picture you’d like to change up for a new look.

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