Queen’s Jubilee 2022: Create Your Own Posters, Invitations, and Greetings Cards.

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Generate buzz, and spread the word about your Queen‘s Jubilee event or special offer, by creating some eye-catching marketing materials. A colourful poster or a flyer fit for royalty could be a great way of drumming up interest in your brand’s celebrations.

You don’t even have to be an experienced designer. With our business-ready Queen’s Jubilee templates, you can get started in no time at all.

Hospitality Templates for the Jubilee.

From restaurant bookings marking the occasion to London hotel stays for the main event, hospitality businesses have a big part to play in the long weekend’s celebrations.

There are plenty of ways for your business to get involved in the fun-filled atmosphere. Perhaps you are considering reduced prices for party-ready event spaces, or you’ve got a special offer on a Royal-themed Afternoon Tea for two? Whatever your business proposition, you can use our Jubilee-themed templates to promote it.

Take a look at our professionally designed posters, flyers and cards here.

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Florist Templates for the Queen’s Jubilee.

When it comes to flower power, you too can get involved in the proceedings with your own floral displays, limited edition arrangements, or perhaps even a special offer on buds with red, white and blue petals – just like the colours of the Union Jack.

Advertise your spectacular offerings with an equally vibrant template, to match the splendour of your beautiful bouquets.

Hairdresser’s Set for the 70th Jubilee.

Whether it’s vivid colouring, lavish extensions or regular style spruce-ups you want to push ahead of the big day, as a hairdresser you’re well-placed to reach people wanting a new look for the celebrations.

Maybe you’re keen to reduce the price of a platinum dye ahead of the long June weekend (as it’s the Platinum Jubilee, of course!). But whatever the plan, you’ll need effective marketing to spread the word about your deals, and print-ready flyers like the ones below are a great place to start.

Just choose a scissor-sharp design that works for you, then add those all-important details about your own business and its offerings.

Spa Set for the Jubilee.

After all that party planning and celebrating, your customers are going to want to relax. And where better to unwind than at the local spa? Take full advantage of the need for R&R with some fun, themed offers in the name of the Royal weekend.

Perhaps people can enjoy a free glass of bubbly with their hot stone massage? Browse our Queen’s Jubilee marketing templates here for inspiration. It’s never been simpler to create an engaging poster highlighting your best beauty and wellbeing deals.

Butcher’s Sets for the Platinum Jubilee.

What would a right Royal street party, banquet or local barbecue be without a prime piece of meat? Show off your special offers and choicest cuts with some mouthwatering posters, ideal for putting up in your shop window or around the local community.

Pick from a range of business-ready templates themed around the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Simply select the look you want, and use our intuitive tools to change colours, add text, paste in images and more.

Street Party Set for the Jubilee Celebrations.

Grab the bunting and stock up on plenty of fizz – it’s time for a street party. The Platinum Jubilee weekend gives us a wonderful chance to get together with friends, family and neighbours to celebrate.

Spread the word about your gathering with some attention-grabbing posters – you can even transform some of our invitation card templates into handy placenames for your dinner party.

Greetings Cards for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Get creative with our Greetings Cards templates, and you can wish all your loved ones and acquaintances a happy Queen’s Jubilee.

Open up our professionally designed creations, ready to add in your own personalised touches. Once the names of your recipients and some celebratory images have been added, all that’s left to do is print and post.

Snapchat Filters for the 70th Jubilee.

Get your profile ready for the big day with our shareable Snapchat filters – ideal for sending to your business followers and promoters. Snapchat is a handy tool in the marketer’s arsenal, and great for having a bit of interactive fun.

Take a look at the templates here to begin, using our simple tools to add your own finishing touches.

Instagram Story for the Jubilee Celebrations.

How will people know about all the fun things you’ve got planned for Jubilee weekend, if you don’t spread the word on social media?

Customise our pre-made templates with your own branding, font and logo for some royal-themed content all set to parade on Instagram. Our shareable Story templates are designed to be as engaging and eye-catching as possible, helping your content stand out from the crowd.

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