The biggest updates in social media | March 2024

Another month goes by and — as always — there’s lots to talk about when it comes to the latest social media news. Keep reading to discover all the key headlines from the month of March so you can stay ahead of the curve and refine your social media strategy.

Social media news


Meta considers new elements for verified subscription package

Live soon

A new questionnaire that has been appearing for selected users hints at upcoming features to the Meta Verified package, including links in Reels, better access to customer support, an alternative brand verification badge, and faster ad reviews.


Pokes are back

Live now

Although the ability to Poke other users on Facebook never fully left, Pokes are having a small resurgence due to the Poke button being added to appear alongside people you know in search results.


Instagram tests option to comment on specific frames in a carousel

Live soon

Instagram is testing a new option that will allow you to make clear which frame in a carousel you are commenting on. Comments left regarding a specific frame will appear within the comments alongside a smaller thumbnail image of the frame that your comment is regarding.

Instagram updates hashtag search

Live soon

Searching a hashtag within Instagram will soon bring you to a broader page of search results across Reels, Audio, Accounts, and more, as opposed to showcasing a “Top Posts” display.

Instagram tests longer Reels

Live soon

Some users can now upload Reels up to three minutes long — an increase from the usual 90 seconds.

A man sits before a camera and holds two objects in either hand.

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Instagram launches ads with promo codes

Live now

Advertisers can now add promo codes within the captions of their Instagram ads which can then be applied in the checkout process.

Instagram experiments with more frames in carousel posts

Live soon

Some users have been given the ability to add up to 15 images to their Instagram carousel posts.

Instagram experiments with option to add files to DMs

Live soon

Instagram has been experimenting with a new option that would allow users to add files to messages as attachments.

Instagram experiments with “Spins” option

Live soon

A new “Spins” option can allow other users to swap out text or audio within your Reel. Each time a spin is added, your Reel will appear for the audience of the spinner.

Instagram launches new DM updates

Live soon

Instagram plans on launching a series of direct messaging updates, including message editing that will allow you to update your message up to 15 minutes after sending, the ability to pin up to three chats at the top of the inbox, the power to switch on read receipts for either all DM chats or specific threads, and new chat themes (backgrounds). You’ll also be able to save your favorite stickers in the app, keeping them at the top of the sticker tray.

Instagram tests “Blend” feed

Live soon

A new “Blend” option will allow you and a friend to create a private Reels feed, based on the Reels you send to one another.

X (Twitter)

It’s goodbye to like, re-post, and reply buttons in-stream

Live soon

Musk has reiterated his intentions to remove the reply, like, and re-share buttons from X posts within the feed leaving visible the view count and time posted, only. New actions are said to be introduced to allow users to swipe right to reply, left to like, and to tap and hold for other actions.

New long-form articles option for Premium+ subscribers

Live now

X Articles will allow Premium subscribers to publish long-form content on X with standard blogging features available, including title and header as well as formatting options such as bold, italics, numbered lists, links, and more. X Articles will appear on the publisher’s profile as well as in their followers’ feed, as is the case with regular X posts.

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New display for pinned posts in-feed

Live soon

A new side-scrolling display within the “For You” feed will showcase posts that have been pinned by people you follow.

X tests new search filters for hiring

Live soon

X is adding new filters to X Hiring to allow users to filter and search for roles by seniority, company name, role type (such as remote or on-site), and other factors.

X increases group chat limit to 256 members

Live now

X has again increased its group chat limits, with up to 256 members now allowed within direct message group chats.

X plans to expand access to Grok the AI chatbot tool

Live soon

X is expanding access to Grok, its AI chatbot tool, by granting access to all X Premium subscribers, and not just those within its top tier Premium+ package.

Free checkmarks for users with many verified followers

Live now

Elon Musk has announced that those with over 2,500 paying followers will get X Premium for free, while those with 5,000 will get X Premium+ for free.

X adds adult content setting for Communities

Live soon

X is rolling out a new option for Communities to add an “Adult Content” qualifier to their groups. The option is meant as a protective measure as any NSWF content will be automatically filtered out. Adding this qualifier will ideally prevent underage users from being able to search for “Adult Content”-marked Communities.


New tools to assist with internal career progression

Live now

A “Next Role Explorer” feature will help users to find potential new roles within the company they already work for, based on their career goals. Additionally, LinkedIn is also adding a new way for employees to share interest in internal roles by enabling them to get alerts for new internal job openings, as well as receive guidance from LinkedIn Learning on the skills they’ll need for their desired role.

LinkedIn adds context around “Who viewed your profile”

Live soon

LinkedIn will now be able to highlight the people who view your profile with background information such as if they are recruiting, if they work for a company you follow, or are a senior leader within your industry.

Brands can now sponsor any organic post

Live now

Brands have been able to use Thought Leader ads to convert posts from verified employees of their organization into promotions. However, with this new update, businesses will now be able to promote posts from non-employees too.

LinkedIn outlines next steps for Collaborative Articles

Live soon

In light of the initial success resulting from Collaborative Articles, LinkedIn intends to release new features and improvements to refine the current experience. These updates include improving the framework of Collaborative Article prompts to get more specific answers, a new “Unhelpful” button that will alert LinkedIn of any poor contributions, improvements to the Collaborative Articles algorithms to ensure the right experts can find the right articles, and expanding the reach of the article contributions within the contributor feeds. A new filter in search will also help users find relevant insights and articles to which they can contribute.

A woman sits at a desk and looks at her laptop. She has long curly hair and a peach shirt.

LinkedIn experiments with puzzle games in-stream

Live soon

LinkedIn is working on an in-app games element featuring simple puzzle games. Not only will you be able to see how many of your connections have played each game, but you’ll also be able to see where your company ranks against other organizations.

LinkedIn tests dedicated video feed

Live soon

LinkedIn is testing a TikTok-style feed that is formatted for full-screen video content.

Company Page messaging soon available for all brands

Live soon

Soon, all company pages in LinkedIn will have the option to add a “Message” button to their company profile, thereby allowing visitors to send a message that will go to the admins of the page.


New incentive options for creative talent

Live soon

TikTok is expanding the offer of subscription packages to all creators — instead of just live creators — as well as bringing its Creativity Program out of beta and renaming it the “Creator Rewards Program.” The Creator Rewards Program will continue rewarding content over a minute long with rewards focused on originality, play duration, search value, and audience engagement. Additionally, TikTok is upgrading its Creator Portal within “Creator Academy” where courses, articles, videos, and insights will be hosted.

TikTok tests Instagram-style photos app

Live soon

According to some new code discovered in TikTok’s back end, a new photo-sharing app known as TikTok Photos could be released in the future.

TikTok adds search insights

Live soon

A new analytics element called “Creator Search Insights” will allow creators to see information regarding what users are searching for in the app.

TikTok adds new influencer audio clips to commercial sounds library

Live now

TikTok has added audio clips from a range of popular TikTok influencers to its “Sounds for Business” library, which are free to use for in-app advertisers.

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TikTok tests more live subscriber perks

Live soon

TikTok is looking to expand the perks that live-streamers can offer to their subscribers. Currently, live-streamers can gift subscribers with subscrib er badges, custom emotes, and subscriber-only chats. In addition, TikTok is currently testing performance requests, live shoutout prompts, Discord roles, gaming partnerships, and priority comment response.


Snapchat tests option to opt-out of auto-delete messages

Live soon

Snapchat is testing a new option that would enable users to select “Never delete” in their messaging retention options.

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