40+ Romantic Valentine’s Day quotes for her

Loving someone is one of the finest things about living, but sometimes it can be difficult to exactly express how you feel to your loved one. Share any one of these Valentine’s Day quotes with your sweetheart and she is sure to get the message just in time for the holiday, especially if that quote comes in the form of a romantic customized greeting card or social media post that shows her how much you care.

Valentine’s Day quotes for her

If your Valentine’s Day gift is the cake, then these sweet quotes for her are the icing on it. Get as sugary sweet as you want to be with these heartfelt card and date night quotes for your love.

Valentine’s Day quotes for your wife

Your wife may know you better than anyone, but you can still surprise her with these thoughtful messages for her on this special day for you both. Try sharing them on a fun card, touching social media post, or a craft you’ve made for her.

Funny Valentine’s Day quotes for her

Love doesn’t have to be so serious! Having a sense of humor about your relationship can come in handy, so use these cheesy and funny Valentine’s Day quotes to get your sweetheart in a good mood for the holiday.

How to write a Valentine’s Day card

Expressing how we feel doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. These simple tips can make writing a Valentine’s Day card for your girlfriend, partner, or wife to be the easiest part of the holiday for you.

  1. Start with a greeting that’s connected to you both, addressing your loved one with a term of endearment that you would usually use for them.
  2. Incorporate any of the romantic, tender, or funny quotes from this post to add a little extra pizzazz to a simple card message.
  3. Let your loved one know that you’re thinking of them, and mention something in the future for you both that you’re looking forward to or for which you are hopeful.
  4. Sign off with a teaser or a clue for their Valentine’s Day gift or for the date you have planned for the holiday.

How to craft a Valentine’s Day social media post

Crafting the perfect social media post for your wife, girlfriend, or partner on Valentine’s Day can differ from writing a card in that social media is inherently less intimate than in-person communication. Because of this, it’s important to cut through the noise of whatever social media platform on which you’ll be posting with a clear message about how you feel.

Free Adobe Express templates with love quotes for her on Valentine’s Day

Get in the mood for the holiday by sharing your messages of love on cute and fun Valentine’s Day cards, social media posts, and more with these free customizable templates from Adobe Express.

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