Video Making Made Easy! Transform Your Content with Adobe Express Video Theme Templates

Motion, color, and typography have a big impact on the mood and tone of your video. These design ingredients can either bolster your message or distract from it. For instance, a fast-paced video ad may be perfectly suited for grabbing attention on the newsfeed, but would seem out of place as a boardroom presentation or training video. That’s why we’ve hooked you up with nine Adobe Express Video themes that convey a wide range of communication goals and moods. From the retro-inspired, playful Mega to the subtle, soothing Sage, each theme is crafted by our motion designers so you can transform your content in one tap and keep your focus on creating the most compelling message possible. To help you find your video’s theme personality, check out the trailers below then pop into Adobe Express Video and automagically transform your video in one tap.

Elevate: Your Trusty Branded Theme

The Elevate theme is the most dynamic and adaptable theme in Adobe Express' arsenal. It features a classic, clean design and dynamic transitions designed to keep eyes engaged and focused on your message. Elevate is also your branded theme. You can quickly customize it to fit your brand with your own logo, fonts, and colors, using Adobe Express' paid features. The movement and transitions feature simple swipes and would work well to highlight any message.

Tidal: For When Text Is the Star of the Show

Most people watch social media videos without the sound, meaning making them readable, yet still engaging is key to ensuring your message translates. That’s where the Tidal theme comes in. It treats copy like the star that is with an animated text bar that automagically adjusts to your content. Sliding transitions and an interesting split screen treatment add to the allure.

Pro-tip: While you’re making video magic, don’t forget to take Adobe Express' color shuffle for a spin! Just click on the shuffle icon to instantly update your video’s colors.

Focus: For Making Lots of Information Digestible

Need to communicate a lot of information in an explainer video or training video? The Focus theme is your bread and butter! Words and icons softly come to the foreground, which creates a relaxing watching experience. The steady flow is easy to follow with subtle motion that puts the focus on your content.

Flair: Your Fun Hype Machine

With its colorful filters and engaging motion, Flair is your fun’s hype machine! Use it for playful video messages such as invitations or announcements to add color to your communications.

Statement: Slowing Scrolls and Stopping Thumbs

Pair bold type and movement with a bold statement for social media gold. This video theme template uses high-contrast and a hefty font to bring your story to life. Best used for short video messages, this theme is perfect for the social media newsfeed to quickly capture attention.

Noir: The “Sure You Didn’t Study Film?” Theme

The Noir video theme emphasizes a classy film noir look with artsy, diagonal swiping motions that reveal your content in striking ways. Noir is great for portfolios and sizzle reels because still images are celebrated with the subtle slashes. Multiple slides of text back to back produce an interesting animation effect.

Mega: Playful, Bouncy Fun

For a look with mega style, turn to the Mega video template theme, which offers tons of bouncy fun. Mega will make your invite, recap video, or social video stand out with playful slide transitions and a bold, retro-inspired font.

Sage: The Pretty, Soothing Lullaby

The Sage video theme template uses relaxing earth tones and an organic, decorative font, recalling the restorative properties of nature. It offers subtle motions, decorative type, and dissolving transitions, making it perfectly suited for wellness or outdoor brands. Use it for slideshows, portfolios, or whenever you want a light touch.

Grace: The Timeless Classic

The Grace video theme template is elegant, pretty, and concise with a refined feel. It accentuates the understated with a professional vibe. Grace’s velvety fades are great for moving tributes, luxury brands, and whenever you want your content to speak softly.

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Photo by Unsplash