Free explainer video maker.

Easily grab your audience’s attention with a professional-looking explainer video made in Adobe Express. No experience required.

Free explainer video maker.

Easily grab your audience’s attention with a professional-looking explainer video made with Adobe Express. No experience required.

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What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos help simplify complex topics for your audience. The Adobe Express all-in-one editor makes creating educational videos, how-to videos, and tutorials that explain your product or service in a simple, entertaining way. You'll have tons of free video templates to pick from along with intuitive, drag-and-drop video editing tools. Lay out the details and guide your audience with text. Personalize further by adding your own voiceover. In no time, you can create explainer videos that educate and impress your friends, family, followers, and customers.

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How to create an explainer video.

Easily explain complicated topics in seconds with video.

Easily cut and trim video footage.

Make every second count in your explainer video and quickly remove unwanted footage.

Make content of any size.

Edit a video once and resize instantly to share on any platform without compromising video quality or dimensions.

Animate your videos.

Use one-click animated effects to move videos, graphics, & text in and out of frame for a cinematic look and feel.

Fine-tune video speed.

Speed clips up or slow them down to put the focus on your favorite moments.

Collaborate with anyone, anytime.

Share your video project with others through an invite link to view, edit, or comment on your project together.

Save and share your video.

Easily download your explainer video and upload it to your favorite platform or share it as a link.

Plan content in advance.

Plan, create, and publish your video project to any platform using the Adobe Express Content Scheduler.

Apply filters to enhance videos.

Enhance your project with filters or adjust color, brightness, contrast, & more to achieve a new look and feel.

The video app for creating explainer videos and more.

Make any kind of video in your browser.

Combine static images and video clips into one stunning visual, create how-to videos, & more.

Free high-quality stock images, videos, and audio.

Customize your videos even further with tons of rights cleared, royalty-free stock music, videos, photos and more in Adobe Express.

Thousands of free templates at your side.

Choose from a wide selection of free video templates that best fit your explainer video. Swap in your content at any point in your editing.

Get started with free explainer video templates.

The best videos are short and sweet–and deliver a clear message. Make a high-quality explainer video for free in your browser with Adobe Express. Choose from tons of templates to kickstart your editing or upload your own media. Crop, split, and cut up your videos to remove the fluff and make every second shine. Adjust video speed in a few taps to deliver your message at the perfect pace. No experience required.

Take your marketing to the next level on a budget.

Whether you want to spread awareness about your brand, create a how-to video, or showcase a beautiful real-estate listing, Adobe Express has everything you need to make professional-looking explainer videos, free. Apply text to any frame in your video then animate them instantly to make your message pop. When you’re done editing your explainer video, share on multiple social channels to reach your target audience.

Frequently asked questions.

Is it free to make an explainer video in Adobe Express?
It’s totally free to make an explainer video in Adobe Express. Start with a free video template, then customize it to your needs. There are thousands of free icons, graphics, fonts, images, and videos you can choose from. You'll have all the drag-and-drop video editing features you need to make professional-looking videos right in your browser. No experience required.
Which browsers does Adobe Express support?
You can run Adobe Express in your favorite web browser. To get the most out of Adobe Express, we recommend updating your browser regularly.
How does an explainer video help my business?
The better your audience understands who you are, what your brand or product is, and how to use it, the more likely they’ll want to engage with your brand and make a purchase. Explainer videos are great for curious customers who are researching your product, and they’re more likely to make a purchase from a trustworthy source.
How do I save my video after I’m done making edits?
Select the “Download” button at the top right of your screen on the Adobe Express webpage, then choose your desired file type to save your project to your own device. When making visual projects in Adobe Express, you’ll never have to worry about losing all the hard work you did. Anything you make is automatically saved, so you can always go back and edit anytime.
Will my video be saved watermark-free?
Anything you make in Adobe Express can be saved watermark-free. Enjoy sharing your visual projects to any platform without worrying about that permanent mark.