On Trend: The June Edition

Trend #1: Summer vibes

Warmer weather is on the horizon and consumers are gearing up for a summer full of adventures. As the trending TikTok hashtag #SummerVibes shows, people are being drawn to content that speaks to their vision of a perfect summer. We’re seeing brands respond across social media with a coastal lifestyle aesthetic, and summer palettes evoking sun, sea, and sand.

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What this means for you: Focus on creating content that inspires your followers to live their best life this summer. As well as incorporating coastal or beachy imagery into your content, experiment with different headlines and photography positioning your products and services as a summertime-must-have.

Get started with our curated set of summer themed templates below. Tap a template to customize it in Adobe Express.

Trend #2: Night Luxe

The latest aesthetic trend making its way across social media is all about creating an air of mystery and portraying a glamorous lifestyle. Aspirational and exclusive, this trend is characterized by nightlife imagery shot in iconic, metropolitan cities like New York and Tokyo. Could this be the trend that defines the modern ‘roaring twenties’?

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What this means for you: Leverage this trend with blurry, in-the-moment snapshots, and using a darker aesthetic. Think dimly lit bars, martinis, yellow cabs, satin, sequins, stilettos, and oversized blazers.

Trend #3: 80’s Nostalgia

The 80s aesthetic is making a comeback in the design world, with serif fonts and simple background graphics that were popular during the 80s (think early Apple ads) popping up in ads across social feeds. Members of Gen-Z have been gravitating to this design style, perhaps because it’s so different to the millennial trends they have grown up with.

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What this means for you: People are engaging with content that feels nostalgic so try incorporating a retro aesthetic into your designs. Have fun playing around with serif fonts like Garamond to help your posts stand out in busy social media feeds.

Top tip: Leverage the power of Adobe Fonts Library within Adobe Express. Smart recommendations make it easy to test out different fonts to find the perfect look and feel for your projects.

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