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You’ve created beautiful images, infographics, reels, GIFs, and more for Instagram. You are ready to get started on your social media marketing journey for your Instagram account. But how do you ensure that they’re seen by as many people as possible? When is the best time to post on Instagram for higher engagement?

We've looked at studies across several industries to find the optimal times to post. Here are the ultimate best times to post on Instagram.

The overall best time to post on Instagram

The overall best times to post on Instagram are

Although these are the all-time best times to post, these days or times may not work out with your posting schedule. Let’s break it down further.

The best times to post on Instagram

Many different organizations have carried out studies regarding the best times to post on Instagram. We have combined a couple of these studies, including one done by Influencer Marketing Hub and another by Sprout Social to create a trend of Instagram engagement for each hour of each day, with 1 being the lowest engagement rate and 6 being the highest.

Instagram Engagement rates on a scale from 1-6 showing the best time to post

Looking at the above chart, we can deduce the best engagement times to post each day, as well as which days are better or worse to post on Instagram. Make sure to time new content and post when more users are scrolling through the app.

Best time to post on Instagram on Monday

The best time to post on Instagram on Monday is 11am-1pm. Catch your followers during their lunch breaks and bless their feeds with whatever you post.

Best time to post on Instagram on Tuesday

The best time to post on Instagram on Tuesday is anytime during the peak hours of 10am-3pm. Instagrammers seem to use the app during their breaks at work and at home after the workday has ended.

Best time to post on Instagram on Wednesday

The best time to post on Instagram on Wednesday is 11am or 1pm. Overall, engagement on Instagram increases on Wednesday, so posting anytime between 9 am-3pm would be ideal.

Best time to post on Instagram on Thursday

The best time to post on Instagram on Thursday is 9am -3pm. If you want to avoid posting during the workday, consider the alternative off-work hours of 4 pm-7pm.

Best time to post on Instagram on Friday

The best time to post on Instagram on Friday is between 10am and 11am. Instagrammers are excited about the weekend and are checking out their feeds during work breaks. Utilize the excitement about the weekend to post before everyone goes out on Friday night.

Best time to post on Instagram on Saturday

The best time to post on Instagram on Saturday is between 8am-11am. People are often out and about on Saturdays, so overall, Instagram engagement is low. Try catching your followers early in the day before they head out for weekend activities to maximize engagement.

Best time to post on Instagram on Sunday

The best time to post on Instagram on Sunday is between the hours of 7 am-12pm. Instagram has the lowest engagement on Sundays, meaning it might be a good idea to avoid posting content that you are hoping creates engagement on Sundays.

The best and worst days to post on Instagram

Since 2020, the time-of-day sweet spot for posting on Instagram has expanded, with more people working flexibly from home. Midday engagement (10am-3pm) during weekdays has increased in recent years, while evenings and weekends remain popular times for engagement.

Although Sunday is usually the least effective day to post, weekends aren’t necessarily a bad time to post overall and can still generate engagement. The worst time to post on Instagram Monday through Friday is after 7pm when people have finished work for the day and are probably taking a break from their screens.

The best time to post reels on Instagram

Reels are one of the fastest-growing features of Instagram. In fact, Instagram Reels typically get more engagement and views than videos posted on Instagram. If you are trying to grow an engaged following, consider posting reels on Instagram to supplement your main content. But when is the best time to post reels on Instagram? According to a study analyzing more than 10,000 Instagram posts and engagement rates done by Influencer Marketing Hub, here are the best times to post reels on Instagram (in EST):

Best times to post reels on Instagram each day

Try to make reels that intrigue people enough that they want to click on your account to learn more. Utilize relevant hashtags and peak reel-posting times to reach out to potential new followers. Reels are an excellent way to drive more people to your account, increase engagement, and gain more followers.

How to find your best time to post on Instagram

If you’re new to Instagram, the days and times outlined above are probably a good starting point. However, although the above suggestions on when to post are great to use as you get started building followers and engagement, they are more suggestions rather than rules of thumb. There is no one way to beat the ‘Instagram algorithm.’ Instead, it is important to understand who your followers are, when they are online, and what works best for your Instagram account — that way, you can time your posts for your specific followers rather than Instagram users in general. As time goes on, you can start to experiment with other posting times and learn what times are best for you and your brand specifically. But how do you tailor your posting schedule to your specific audience? Well, Instagram has an analytics tool that just might solve all your posting woes.

How to use Instagram Insights.

If you want to learn more about your target audience, when most of your followers are online, and how Instagram’s algorithm works, sign up for a business account to gain access to Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights looks at how your previous Instagram posts performed and gives you key demographic information about your followers, such as gender, age, and location. You’ll be able to build a complete picture of the best time to post to your social media platforms. Most importantly, this tool shows you when your audience is online.

When you consider that info alongside engagements per post and content reach, you’ll have a clearer idea of the best time to post on Instagram for high engagement. You can then tweak your posting schedule accordingly. When are the peak times your followers are online? Early morning? During their lunch hour? Are they primarily located in PST or EST? Instagram Analytics will provide all this information and more so you can find your best posting times. It’s good practice to regularly check your social media analytics to monitor and optimize performance. To learn more about Instagram Insights, check out this blog post.

Key considerations when posting on Instagram

When you’re trying to figure out the best times to post, there are many things to think about. We have compiled the top four key considerations when deciding when to post on Instagram.

1. Day of the week

Some days of the week are better than others for posting content. In general, more people are using Instagram during the weekdays (Monday-Friday) than on the weekends (Saturday-Sunday). People are often out on the weekends, meaning they might not be on their phones. Even during the workday, think about when people typically are on their phones (during work breaks and lunch breaks) and when they are often away from their phones (during commutes, dinner, and overnight).

2. Time zones

Adjust your posting schedule to fit the time zones of your most engaged followers. Where are the majority of your followers located? One of the things you can look at in Instagram Insights is your followers’ top locations. If you live in a time zone that differs from most of your target audience, consider posting on their schedule rather than yours. Think about the specific times that work best for your followers.

3. Breaks during the workday

Instagram engagement peaks during working hours Monday-Friday. Why? Because people love to hop on social media during their work breaks to get a bit of relief from the workday. Think about when your followers may have their breaks and time your posts so they can see them as they eat lunch.

4. Frequency of posts

How often should you post on Instagram? A better question might be, “How often can you produce amazing content?” Once a week or three times a day, no matter how often you can post, the key is consistency. Think about users’ feeds and how often they would want to see your content. Consider your ratio of Instagram posts to Instagram stories. Find a few times that work for you, then try to regularly post at those times.

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This post was updated on January 10, 2023.

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