How to get more followers on Instagram (2022)

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Instagram remains on top of the social media game, with more than 1 billion monthly users and a platform that brings in artists and artisans, businesses and brands, and whoever else is along for the ride. Because the average age of the typical Instagram user is under 40 — and millennials are now the largest generation group in the United States — there are plenty more people to attract to your Instagram profile, whether it’s your personal page or your brand account.

In order to rise in the ranks of popular Instagram accounts, you’re going to need a growing and engaged group of people to follow you and your content. We’ve compiled this handy guide with eight tried-and-true steps that will help you get ahead in the head count game.

How to get more likes on instagram

Have you tried asking your followers what they want to see on your account? Polls and Stickers are easy ways to engage with your current followers to find out what they’re looking for in your content and can lead to an increase in new followers as you follow through with what people are into. You can also host Ask Me Anything events (or AMAs) via Instagram Live, where viewers can get to know you and ask you questions about you or your brand in real time.

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Utilize hashtags to your advantage

Treat hashtags like a funnel for your Instagram account. They enable users to find you amongst the almost 1.5 billion other brands, businesses, and influencers on Instagram. When you add the right hashtags that combine the message of your account with the interests you share with your audience, you are helping potential new followers to cut through the noise and connect to your specific online community.

Once you’ve nailed down the structure, you’ll be ready to use hashtags as part of your content marketing strategy easily, including in your feed posts, stories, reels, and IGTV. Hashtags also work better if you add them as you post, instead of going back later to add them. Keep things timely for maximum traction.

Use Reels in your content

Instagram Reels have become a force since they were introduced in 2020 as a TikTok content competitor. Since the Instagram algorithm is favoring Reels in post and story visibility across the board, try alternating Reels and carousel posts throughout your content so as to get a boost in your numbers. Higher visibility from varying your content will up your engagement and introduce your account to new people who could hit that follow button.

Establish your aesthetic

If the cultural takeovers of Millennial Pink and Gen Z Yellow are any proof, having a profile that pops with recognizable shades and uniform graphic elements is increasingly important. Take control of your look by curating your grid so that new visitors to your account get a full visual picture of what you represent. You can also bring people in with an attractive profile picture that clinches a positive first impression and establishes you as someone to watch.

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Invest in collaboration to gain more Instagram followers

Instagram has a newer feature called Collabs, in which you can invite other users to collaborate on a Reel or a feed post so that they can equally share the content with their follower base, thus introducing your account to their followers and their account to your followers. As all Collabs content is co-authored, this opens up more chances for engagement with new people who don’t yet know about your content.

Maintain consistent content

Consistency is key. If you’d like to continually reach an ever-increasing audience, you’ve got to prove to your followers that they can count on your content. According to popular Twitcher Kat Pan: “Posting one story a day helps convert new followers to long-term followers, as it shows them an insight into your life and makes them care about you more as a creator!”

Strategy and aesthetic are important, but most of all, your audience wants to regularly see what you’ve been up to! Not everything has to be perfectly polished; what matters most is that you’re consistently showing up for the people who are checking in on you and your world.

Try planning a content calendar ahead of time that you can stick to with your posts and stories. If you need help with your timing, the Adobe Express Content Scheduler is now available on the premium plan and can keep you on task with all your social media goals.

Time it right

Speaking of timing, there actually are good and bad times to post. In order to reach as many people as possible, you should be aligning your post, story, and Reel scheduling with the times in which your followers, and other Instagram users you haven’t reached yet, are engaging most with the app.

Share user-generated content

Do you care more about increasing your follower count to build up your new business? Well, user-generated content is an incredible tool for businesses in all kinds of verticals — it can help you build trust, create a unique feed, and drive e-commerce to increased sales.

The more often you share relevant UGC, the more trust you’ll gain from your audience. Regularly posting content made by your followers can strengthen the sense of community fostered by your channel, which is an essential step for building brand loyalty and ultimately driving your numbers up from word-of-mouth connections.

Should I buy Instagram followers?

The short answer is no. The long answer is that buying fake Instagram followers can mess with your analytics and tank your engagement. The Instagram platform is equipped with auditing tools that enable the algorithm to identify fake follower growth; repeat offenders can even have their accounts blocked or disabled. Though it may seem like the easiest way to get what you want, following our guide for how to get followers on Instagram is ultimately a better use of your time for gaining new followers who will stick around for all your great content.

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