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((Premium Plan top features: ))

Icon: pricing-gen-ai 250 generative credits a month for generative AI features like Generative Fill, Text to Image, and Text Effects, powered by Adobe Firefly.

Icon: pricing-features Features like resize, erase, remove video background, animation controls, and more.

Icon: pricing-import Unlimited PDF Quick Actions including combine and organize pages, and convert to and from PDF.

Icon: pricing-premium-plan All premium static & video templates, and design elements.

Icon: pricing-motion Animation controls so you can customize the duration, speed, intensity and more for each animation preset.

Icon: pricing-stock Entire collection of over 195 million on-trend, royalty-free Adobe Stock collection1photos, videos, and music.

icon: pricing-sync Stay in sync with linked Photoshop & Illustrator assets.2

icon: pricing-brand Brand Kit with logos, colors, and fonts for consistency.

icon: pricing-libraries Libraries to organize and share your collections of photos, graphics, and more.

icon: pricing-fonts Over 25,000 licensed Adobe Fonts.

icon: pricing-cloud 100GB of storage to keep 15+ hours of video footage.

((All Premium features and more, such as: ))

Icon: cloud-storage 1TB of storage per user.

Icon: pricing-history 180-day version history.

Icon: pricing-admin Admin Console for license management.

Icon: pricing-corporate Ownership of all your corporate assets.

icon: pricing-support 24/7 tech support.

Icon: pricing-sharing Sharing restrictions for your organization.

((Some features available only on desktop. Mobile coming soon.))

Frequently asked questions

What’s the right plan for me if I own a small business with just a few employees?
The Adobe Express Premium plan is great for small businesses that want to make professional-looking content on the go. With the Premium plan, you can streamline your process by uploading your brand and auto-applying it to your designs, accessing premium assets and templates, and enjoying shared access to your libraries for your whole team.
Where can I check out all the templates available?
Explore thousands of professionally designed templates and refine your search by curated use cases. You can also browse for templates when starting a new project, or right from the Adobe Express editor while working on a current design.
What is Creative Cloud Libraries?
Creative Cloud Libraries let you gather design elements for specific projects, clients, or teams for use within any of your Creative Cloud apps. Edit an image in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, and then incorporate it into a stunning design using Adobe Express. Collect and organize your content in your libraries, and share your libraries with team members so everyone can access approved assets in one place.
Will my Adobe Express designs have a watermark on them?
No need to worry about watermarks on your designs when using Adobe Express.
Can I set up more than one brand?
You can set up multiple brands or looks in Adobe Express for any type of project, theme, or occasion. Note that we currently offer full brand setup on our web platform only. Once set up, you can access your branded assets while creating on any of your devices. Easily switch from one brand to another while creating in the editor.
Is Adobe Express for teams the right plan for me?

Adobe Express for teams is designed for small and midsize organizations that are looking for a creative solution to scale on-brand content creation.

With Adobe Express for teams, anyone in your organization – from marketers to HR professionals to sales – can make videos, flyers, banners, and more with the all-in-one app for fast and easy content creation.

For large organizations that require enterprise-level control and management, we recommend our enterprise offerings.

Unsure about our business plans? Contact us at 800-585-0774 or complete our sales team RFI form and a representative can each out to get you and your organization started.

How does Adobe Express work with other Adobe Creative Cloud products?

Adobe Express is designed to complement our Creative Cloud applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

With Adobe Express for teams, assets created in Photoshop and Illustrator by designers in your organization can now be shared with your team and stay synced across apps.

Can I set up more than one brand?
You can keep your team on brand by setting up multiple brand kits in Adobe Express for any type of business need or output. Note that we currently offer full brand setup on our web platform only. Once set up, you can access your branded assets while creating on any of your devices. Easily switch from one brand to another while creating in the editor.
Can customers currently use the images generated from Adobe Firefly in Adobe Express commercially?
Yes. Adobe Firefly in Adobe Express is designed to be commercially safe and is now available to be used for commercial purposes. Any image generated using Firefly features in Adobe Express will not have a watermark.
What does “designed to be commercially safe” mean for Adobe Firefly in Adobe Express?

It means that Adobe is taking a thoughtful approach to how the Firefly family of models is being developed, including the sources of content used for training in accordance with Adobe’s AI Ethics Principles.

For example, the first model of Adobe Firefly is trained on Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content, and public domain content where the copyright has expired.

Can businesses train their own Firefly models in Adobe Express?
We are exploring the ability for customers to train their own models using their content, but don’t have any announcements yet.

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Adobe Express FAQs

1Adobe Express membership required. The Adobe Stock photo collection does not include Premium or editorial content. Limited Adobe Stock functionality available in web page and video features.

2Photoshop or Illustrator membership required for linked assets.