Design professional charts and graphs.

Inform your audience with clear data visualisation. Import data with ease and create compelling pie charts, flowcharts and more with Adobe Illustrator.

Collage of different charts and diagrams

Take your graphs and charts to the next level.

Build professional charts and graphs for your presentations, marketing brochures, infographics and much more. Illustrator helps you present data exactly how you want it and in a way that reflects your brand style.


Add clarity with icons. 

Bring clear focus and storytelling to your graphs with icons. Design your own icons in Illustrator to help enhance understanding and convey importance — such as commands, concepts and ideas — without the use of words. 

Collage of different charts and diagrams

Make graphs pop with colour.

Precisely place colours on each element of your bar graphs, line graphs and venn diagrams, using colour contrast to help your audience focus on data hierarchy. Use the Illustrator Colour Picker tool to define colour values for your company’s brand. Or apply one of 100+ curated colour palettes in Illustrator.


Design your labels for maximum effect.

Provide context to your data’s story with clear titles, labels and legends. Illustrator offers unlimited flexibility in how type is represented on your graph, so every bar chart, mind map or organisational chart looks exactly how you want.


Access Adobe Creative Cloud tools to help you to customise any chart type.


Find icons and chart templates.

Kick-start your design by browsing an extensive library of existing icons and chart templates in Adobe Stock.

Collage of different infographic charts

Select perfect fonts.

Capture the exact style you want to portray in your charts and graphs with more than 17,000 professionally designed typefaces in Adobe Fonts. Adjust any font to ensure your labels complement data rather than distract from it.

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How to create a graph in Illustrator.

Design customised charts and graphs in a few simple steps.


Identify it:

Identify your data source. Whether it’s in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, just export the info as a CSV file. 


Select it:

Determine the type of graph you want to create. You can create any type of graph or chart in Illustrator to tell your story.


Graph it:

Select the Illustrator Graph tool to create a graph of any scale. Then upload the CSV file into the graph. 


Refine it:

Customise how your data is visualised and represented. Change colours, typefaces and typestyles; move, reflect, shear, rotate or scale any or all parts of the graph. The ability to customise is limitless. 

Start perfecting your chart-maker skills with these Illustrator tutorials.


Design engaging graphs from scratch.

Learn how to import your data and use drawing tools to create various styles of customised graphs. 

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Fine-tune your charts and graphs. 

Explore the flexibility of chart software capabilities in Illustrator and learn to tweak and adjust every aspect of your graphs. 

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Add interest to graphs with pictures and symbols.

Update classic graphs with pictures and symbols to keep your audience and team members engaged in your data’s story.

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Various white icons on colour background

Build your own icons.

Craft customised icons for your org charts, floor plans, radar charts and more, turning simple shapes into unique presentation elements.

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Find the plan that’s right for you.

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