Transformation for all. It’s simple and affordable.

Adobe Buying Programmes give government agencies of all sizes the cost-effective options and control they need to put the right Adobe tools in the hands of the right employees. The end result is more efficient workflows and engaging constituent experiences.

Adobe Buying Programmes for government.

  • Industry-leading apps for your teams
  • Secure, customisable deployment
  • Simplified licence management
  • Budget predictability for your agency

VIP advantages for government.

The Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is a subscription licensing programme that includes volume discounts, immediate deployment and simplified management. Whether you need a few licences or hundreds, you can save money while giving people in your agency or department access to all the tools they need. VIP includes a centralised management tool that you can use to easily and securely administer licences and monitor storage.

Quick access
Quick access

It takes only a few steps to make sure the right people have the right tools for creating amazing government experiences.

Centralised control
Centralised control

Centralised deployment gives everyone access to new products as soon as they’re released.

Automatic compliance
Automatic compliance

With the Admin Console, you always know how many licences are deployed and who’s using them.

Customised deployment
Customised deployment

Get the secure, customisable deployments your IT team requires.

Term choice
Term choice

Meet agency budget cycles by choosing the length of your subscription term — one year, 18 months or more.

Complete flexibility
Complete flexibility

Agencies, departments and teams can add and remove licences to meet their unique needs.

A plan tailored to your large agency’s unique needs.

An Adobe Enterprise Term Licence Agreement (ETLA) is a flexible buying programme designed to meet the needs of large agencies and organisations. Get budget predictability over a three-year term — with one annual payment due on the same date each year. You’ll also get an Admin Console and use of the Adobe Licensing Website for easy deployment, compliance and management. And everyone at your government agency can gain access to the latest Adobe tools, apps and services. An ETLA can be customised to fit the specific needs of each department — with or without services and storage.

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Compare programmes for government.

Adobe Buying Programmes offer scalable purchasing options that simplify licence management and provide budget predictability. Find the ideal plan for giving your teams the apps they need and your IT department the secure, customisable deployments they require.


Value Incentive Plan (VIP)

Enterprise Term Licence Agreement (ETLA)

Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) and Transactional Licensing Program (TLP)

Pay up front for up to 4 years

3-year term with a set annual payment date

2-year agreement for CLP; no agreement for TLP

Discounts and additional term options available through VIP Select

Named-user licensing through the Admin Console

CLP offers cumulative volume-licensing discounts for government, including an offering for special off-line software; TLP is a one-time purchase

Easy deployment and management through the Admin Console

Serialised deployment through the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS)

Deployment and management through the LWS

Includes Adobe Creative Cloud for teamsCreative Cloud for enterprise, Acrobat 2020, Captivate and Presenter Video Express

Includes Acrobat 2020 and other products such as Adobe CaptivatePresenterContributePhotoshop Elements and Premiere Elements

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