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Privacy Questions?

We offer a variety of privacy self-help options for your most frequently asked questions and tasks.

Email Marketing & Analytics

If you would like to opt out of marketing emails, analytics, machine-learning or interest-based ads, please go here to adjust your account settings.

Registration, Account, Subscription and Payment Information

If you would like information about your current account registration, subscriptions or communications preferences, please visit, sign in and then click ‘manage account.’ If you need help fixing Adobe ID, password or payment issues or need help with your account or subscriptions, please visit our customer support portal.

Student Privacy

If you have questions about student privacy, please visit our Adobe and Student Privacy page and read our Primary and Secondary Education Named User Additional Terms.

General Data Protection Regulation

If you have questions about Adobe and our GDPR readiness, please visit our GDPR page.

Other Privacy Question Not Listed Above?

If you have a privacy question about your account that isn’t listed above, click the button below and ask us.