Adobe Technical Communication Industry Survey 2022

Adobe Technical Communication Industry Survey 2022

Current and Future State — Key Findings

The technical communications industry, community and consumer behavior are constantly evolving. To keep up with the rapidly changing landscape, it is essential to stay current and drive innovation.

Adobe regularly surveys content and technical documentation professionals around the world: What challenges are they facing? What are their opinions on new and emerging trends? How are they making an impact with their enterprise content?

Read the key findings from the 2022 edition of our industry survey, covering the following topics: 

  • Survey demographics
  • Authoring language of choice
  • Adoption patterns of authoring solutions
  • Challenges in content development
  • Barriers to efficient review and collaboration
  • Preferred publishing formats
  • Current state of content reuse
  • Content analytics
  • Web-based workflows
  • Success metrics for technical content
  • The future of technical communication


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