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Originally released in 2019, the Classic version is available to all active subscribers of Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate Classic is a dependable tool for creating all kinds of engaging and interactive eLearning content. 

Experiential learning with virtual reality

Deliver immersive learning experiences through virtual reality. Easily create virtual tours, crisis management, safety drills, first responder situations and more.

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Talking-head Screencast and Application Simulation

Engage effectively with video demos

Effortlessly create video demos by simultaneously recording webcam and all on-screen actions like mouse movements, system audio and keyboard activity.

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Transform PowerPoint to interactive eLearning

Make the most of your existing PowerPoint presentations by converting them into engaging videos. Easily add interactions and knowledge checks as overlays.

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Create bespoke learning experiences

Effortlessly create courses tailored to your unique training needs. Leverage comprehensive set of features and customisable templates to design courses that engage learners and promote participation.

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The new generation eLearning tool to create beautiful eLearning courses in minutes.

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