The key to remote work success.

With the rise of work-from-anywhere jobs, an office-based career is an option, not a requirement. Explore how to adapt to a remote job.

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Join the ranks of the digital nomads.


Whether you want to work from home, from an RV travelling across North America or from a jungle lodge in the Amazon rainforest, modern technology and collaborative software has made telecommuting from nearly anywhere possible. But it can be a challenge to stay productive when you make the switch from a traditional workspace to a home office or other remote working situation.


If a flexible schedule appeals to you and your digital communication skills are good, you may be curious about a shift to full-time remote work. But before you peruse remote work job postings — or invest in that RV — take a look at the ins and outs of working from anywhere and pick up some tips to help you in your journey.


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A person working remotely on a laptop at a desk in their home

Is remote working really an option?


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to adopt work-from-home (WFH) practices, the benefits of remote work led more companies to post work-at-home positions. With a computer and Wi-Fi, collaborative apps and video calls can bridge any geographic gap between coworkers. Plus, when location doesn’t play a factor, companies can open their employment pool to the most qualified job seekers from across the globe, not just from their own backyard.


Remote work also allows companies to save on real estate and office management overhead. That’s another reason why businesses — from startups and tech companies to call centres — are looking at remote work solutions. WFH isn’t just a trend. In fact, one 2015 study found that work-from-home positions resulted in a 13% productivity boost.



Consideration for remote workers.

From full-time employment to part-time freelance gig, keep these things in mind during your job search.



Set your work mentality.


While remote jobs usually allow a flexible work schedule, it can be easy to fall into bad habits for working outside traditional 9am-5pm hours. And if your employer is in another time zone, your job might just require that. That’s why it’s important to make a work schedule and stick to it. It’s key for work/life balance, but also a crucial line to draw with bosses and coworkers. Ensure people know when you are on and when you are off, so you can keep set hours.

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Connectivity matters.


You can’t be on the clock from anywhere in the world if you can’t get online. Whether you’re in a home office set-up or coworking from a hotel with a travel partner, do your research to make sure you have a reliable connection for your computer and other devices. Managers and recruiters alike need to know your remote nature won’t affect your ability to do the work.


Note: If you plan to work internationally, look into what international data and calling rates may be on your cellular plan.



Delete distractions.


Working outside an office means you may not be able to control your environment. Headphones can help you to hear better on a business call and they can drown out noise when working from a loud park or bustling coffee shop. Consider removing social media apps from your work devices to stay focused.



Expect the unexpected.


Along with distractions, remote work locations can throw a wrench in your work plans. Make sure you have backup batteries and hard drives to save off-line work in case of power outages or spotty Wi-Fi. Most mobile phones can become wireless hotspots as well, so look into how that may help you in a pinch and how your cellular plan charges for data usage.



Understand your employment.


Different companies handle remote workers and freelancers in different ways. Talk to human resources to understand how your remote employment may affect your taxes, healthcare or other benefits.

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Work anywhere with Adobe Acrobat Pro.


The right tools make remote work fast and easy and Acrobat has them all.

  • Collaborate: Share editable PDFs to work remotely with any team, anywhere, at any time.
  • Communicate: Annotate PDFs with notes and comments. Highlight, strike through, draw on the file and more.
  • Edit: Make adjustments to your PDF right in the file and apply those notes in real time.
  • Answer: Use Fill & Sign tools to add information to PDF forms, so paperwork never sits inactive with any respondent.
  • Sign: Quickly add your own signature to any document or request signatures from others, with e-signatures powered by Acrobat Sign in Acrobat Pro.
  • Scan: Use Adobe Scan to simply add paper documents, pictures and more to digital work streams in Acrobat.

Access workflows in Acrobat from any desktop or mobile device, so even when you’re on the road or you take your lunch break on the hiking trail, you can ensure that documents keep moving and you keep in communication with your team.


If remote work seems like a good option for you, get the tools you need to stay connected and prepare to take that leap.


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