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Three coworkers in a modern-looking office go review and discuss a business proposal that has been constructed using Adobe Acrobat.

How to write a business proposal in 7 steps.

Learn the structure and function of a good business proposal. 

A skateboard shop owner standing in their workshop putting together an order form for more parts using a tablet with Adobe Acrobat

How to put together an order form.

Discover how to quickly create an online order form for your business.

A teacher surrounded by students and showing them something on a tablet-like scientific device during a school field trip

A parent’s guide to permission slips.

Learn how electronic permission slips help students get out of the classroom and into the world.

A freelance worker drawing in a notebook and working on a laptop in Adobe Acrobat to read and edit PDFs

5 free PDF tools for freelancers.

Use these PDF tools to draft and sign contracts, collaborate on and share work, and stay organized. 

A boutique nursery owner taking a photo of their new product for social media on the workbench in their shop surrounded by other plants

Why social media is important for your business: 5 ways to boost brand awareness.

Explore how social media can help you promote your business.

A woman sitting at a desk in front of her laptop

How to convert PDF to Word on a Mac

Learn how to convert PDF to Word on a Mac in a few easy steps, and streamline your productivity with Acrobat.

A person's hands typing on a Macbook keyboard at a desk

How to combine PDF files on Mac

Explore how to combine PDF files on Mac so you can easily manage your documents and streamline your processes.

A woman sitting down on a leather sofa working on her Mac laptop

How to edit PDF on Mac

A simple way to view, add comments and edit a PDF on a Mac with Adobe Acrobat.

A woman sitting at a desk working on her Macbook

How to convert JPG to PDF on Mac

Find 4 simple steps on how to convert JPG to PDF on a Mac laptop or computer.

Side view of a woman sitting at a shared desk in front of an iMac

How to convert PDF to JPG on Mac

Learn how to convert PDF to JPG on Mac in a few simple steps and streamline your conversion workflow.

A person sitting at a desk looking at their computer

How to ace online grading and commenting.

With these PDF tools, teachers can customize worksheets, add comments, and assign grades online.

A person sitting on toddler desk using their laptop in a classroom

How online homework can work for students and educators.

Take homework digital to save paper and time, and teach students how to use electronic documents.

A person sitting at a table using their laptop while talking on their phone

Use collaboration tools to stay connected.

Discover what makes for good collaboration tools, and how your team can work together smoothly.

A person sitting at a desk and checking their phone while reviewing a document

Save time with optical character recognition.

Transform physical documents to digital automatically with optical character recognition.

A person leaning on a counter while holding a tablet device

What to look for in apps for small business owners.

Discover how Adobe Acrobat helps small businesses succeed.

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Dig into all the cool things you can do with Acrobat.

Browse for articles and tutorials that help demonstrate different ways you can use Acrobat to get more done, more efficiently — every day.