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How to ace online grading and commenting.

With these PDF tools, teachers can customize worksheets, add comments, and assign grades online.

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How online homework can work for students and educators.

Take homework digital to save paper and time, and teach students how to use electronic documents.

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Use collaboration tools to stay connected.

Discover what makes for good collaboration tools, and how your team can work together smoothly.

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Save time with optical character recognition.

Transform physical documents to digital automatically with optical character recognition.

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What to look for in apps for small business owners.

Discover how Adobe Acrobat helps small businesses succeed.

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Stay organized with home document management software.

Declutter your home office with a home document management system.

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The key to remote work success.

Discover how Adobe Acrobat can help you work from anywhere.

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How workflow automation can make jobs easier.

Save time and boost productivity quickly and easily with workflow automation.

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Stay on top of work-from-home productivity.

Find out how to stay on top of productivity, even at home.

A person working on redacting a PDF on their computer

Why and how to redact a PDF

Before you share PDFs, keep your data and metadata safe with these redaction tools.

Screen capture displaying the ability to edit PDFs across device types

Make easy, efficient changes with editable PDFs.

Learn how to turn InDesign files, Word documents, and scanned forms into editable PDFs.

Graphic of using the search function in a PDF document on a mobile phone and a laptop computer

How to search a PDF.

Easily find the files you need — and key information in those files — with these search tools.

A graphic of adding text to a PDF document on a tablet device, mobile phone, and laptop computer

Create, edit, and share documents with the industry-standard PDF solution.

Discover the leading PDF software for editing, managing, and acquiring signatures.

A person sitting at a table and using a laptop computer to fill out a PDF form

How to create a fillable PDF form.

Turn text files, images, or even paper forms into fillable PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat.

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Dig into all the cool things you can do with Acrobat.

Browse for articles and tutorials that help demonstrate different ways you can use Acrobat to get more done, more efficiently — every day.