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Apa Publications | Typefi
Travel Guides

UK-based publisher of Insight Guides and Berlitz travel guides reduced production time for 400+ visually rich print titles by 50%, improved design consistency, and now publishes e-books in-house. Case Studyfor further information.

AutoPoint | XMPie Inc.
Automotive Brand Marketing Campaigns

AutoPoint Automates Marketing Strategies for the Entire Customer Lifecycle. Case Studyfor further information.

Avon Products | Agility Multichannel
Cosmetic and Beauty Product Brochures

Avon use Agility’s InDesign plug-ins to produce 280,000 unique brochure pages per year for 40 different markets around the world. Case Studyfor further information.

Axminister | Agility Multichannel
Manufacturing Retailer and Distributor, Product Catalogs and Brochures

Axminster Tools use Agility to manage and promote their 36,000 SKUs product range and the Agility InDesign plug-ins to product all their printed catalogues and flyers. Case Studyfor further information.

Bauer Media Group | axaio software
Media Publishing Workflow Automation

Bauer Media Group is a large European-based media company, that manages a portfolio of more than 600 magazines, over 400 digital products and 50 radio and TV stations around the world.

Beiersdorf - Nivea | 2imagine
Brand Packaging and Translation

Beiersdorf deploys 2imagine to streamline Nivea packaging translations. Case Studyfor further information.

BoConcept | 2imagine
Catalog and Brochure automation and translation

BoConcept streamlines multilingual catalog production. Case Studyfor further information.

Campus France | J2S
Information sheets for French higher education

Campus France is the French Agency for the promotion of French higher education. Campus France uses the J2S solution to quickly generate information brochures to promote higher education establishments. Case Studyfor further information.

City of Kortrijk | 2imagine
Government Information and Brand Compliance

City of Kortrijk deploys 2imagine to manage their city brand communication. Case Studyfor further information.

ClassPass | Wave2 Media Solutions
Digital Advertising

ClassPass, providers of a global membership to gyms and fitness clubs, uses Easybuild from Wave 2 as an internal, creative, solution to automate the production of all their digital advertising. Case Studyfor further information.

Compu-Mail | XMPie Inc.
Direct Marketing, Variable Data Publishing, Personalization

Compu-Mail Grows Print Volume Twentyfold with XMPie Technology. Case Studyfor further information.

eg+ worldwide | J2S
Client Collaboration Hub for Travel Brochures

Advertising Production Agency eg+ implemented online collaboration solution to manage the collaboration between the agency studio and the customers’ department during the production of seasonal brochures, to speed up “live” modifications of pages content. Case Studyfor further information.

Journal Publishing

Scientific membership organization FASS reduced journal composition time by 50% and now automatically integrates math and scientific notation into its output without coding. Case Studyfor further information.

FlyerZone | Silicon Publishing
Web to Print
Flyerzone provides printing services and uses Silicon Publishing's Designer product to enable businesses and consumers to personalize and adapt templates for Flyers, Leaflets, Business Cards and more.


Multi-Channel Media Publishing

La Sentinelle is first media group in Mauritius that specializes in three business areas: media, printing, distribution and logistics regionally and internationally. LSL publishes to 30+ publications, read by over a million people in Mauritius and the surrounding Indian Ocean region.

Logic-immo.com | J2S
Real estate ad magazine

Concept Multimedia publishes the most important real estate ad magazine under the brand name "Logic-immo.com". Case Studyfor further information.

Manufactum | axaio software
Retail Publishing Automation

Manufactum, based in Germany, is a retail company with mail order and stationary sales. It has been part of the Otto Group since 2008.

Real Estate Advertising

Nest is a full-service, boutique real estate agency specializing in residential and commercial properties in the Southeast US.

Northstar Travel Group | axaio software
Travel Brochures and Marketing automation

Northstar Travel Group is the leading business information and marketing solutions provider to the Global travel, tourism and meetings industries.

PMC | Typefi
Technical Instruction Manuals

Typefi helped Japanese publishing services agency PMC realise an “explosive” increase in production of multilingual instruction manuals. Case Studyfor further information.

Premedia AT | axaio software
Production Services Agency, workflow automation

Premedia AT is a system partner for customers in trade, heavy industry, banks and insurances. Over 25 years of experience in the optimization of production processes of communication materials makes Premedia a leading service provider for renowned customers.

Real Estate Service Provider

Print Force is the largest provider of Real Estate printing in Australia.

Digital Advertising

This oneworld airline used the Mediawide Platform to generate over 2,000 localized Display Ads per month with custom fonts by utilizing the Adobe InDesign Server.

RLA | Wave2 Media Solutions
Self Service Marketing

Marketing and creative advertising agency RLA and uses Easybuild2 to help RLA expand their marketing and advertising offerings to their automotive manufacturing clientele. Case Studyfor further information.

Royal Caribbean | Silicon Publishing
Personalized Cruise Itineraries
Royal Caribbean uses Silicon Publishing's Paginator product to automate the creation of personalized cruise itineraries for all passengers embarking on a cruise.
r-pac International | MEDIAWIDE LABS PVT. LTD.
Brand Agency, Brand Portals

r-pac provides brand concepts, graphics, products and solutions to all partners in the retail supply chain.

Shell Oil | Wave2 Media Solutions
Self Service Brand Portal

Shell uses Wave2's Easybuild 2 platform to power a self-service portal for its corporate brand management needs. See to Case Study for further information.

Specialist Crafts | Agility Multichannel
Retail Product Catalogs

Specialist Crafts use Agility’s InDesign plug-ins to produce 2x600 page catalogs or the UK marketplace. Case Studyfor further information.

Sport 1 Norway | 2imagine
Retail Point of Sale Materials

Sport 1 Norway deploys 2imagine to assist in-store poster production. Case Studyfor further information.

The Consortium | Agility Multichannel
School Supplies Distributor, Catalog Production

Consortium are a leading distributor to schools and use Agility’s InDesign plug-ins to produce 5,000 unique catalogue pages promoting 40,000 products per year. Case Studiesfor further information.

The Delta Group | Wave2 Media Solutions
Retail Product Catalogs

Marketing Services Agency the Delta Group use EasyBuild2 to automate the production of in-store point of sale material (POS) and the delivery of advertising to digital displays and in-store signage. See Case Study for further information.

TTI Products | Agility Multichannel
Manufacturing Catalogs and Brochures

TTi’s brands include Milwaukee, Hoover, Ryobi, Dirt Devil and use Agility’s InDesign solutions to produce catalogs in over 25 different language. Case Studyfor further information.

Vistaprint Corporate | XMPie Inc
Brand Communications, Personalization

Vistaprint Corporate Powers Web-to-Print Personalization with XMPie’s Scalable Composition Engine. Kundenreferenz.

Willemse France | J2S
Catalog Production

Willemse France is a catalog sales company specialized in seeds and plants using J2S to automate from their PIM system. Kundenreferenz