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One link. Multiple reviewers.

It’s easy to share PDF files with everyone who needs to review them. You can create a link and send it to multiple reviewers, so everyone can access the PDF online from any device. Simply choose files to share and hit Send once. You can use @ mentions to guide exactly where feedback is needed. It keeps reviewers engaged and work moving. 

All the latest comments are collected in one place, in real time — without uploading a new file or referring back to multiple emails. It’s the easiest way to share documents for better collaboration and faster approvals.

Let every reviewer leave their mark.

Comprehensive commenting features and an intuitive toolbar make it easy for every reviewer to comment, mark up, and annotate PDFs to ensure a perfect document. With no downloads required, it’s the easiest way for reviewers to take advantage of full annotation features for better collaboration.

With Acrobat, you really can work from anywhere.

Acrobat gives you all the PDF tools you need to simplify workflows, edit PDFs, and get more done every day — wherever you work. More than a PDF editor, Acrobat makes it easy to collect and reconcile feedback in a single PDF. It’s the most efficient way to create, share, and convert PDFs across desktop, mobile devices, and the web. 

The all-in-one solution for powerful PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat is the choice of millions of organizations around the world to smoothly edit, sign, and share PDFs from anywhere for better collaboration. It’s also a powerful PDF converter, making it easy to turn many file types into a PDF and vice versa — including Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents, as well as JPEG images. It’s document management made simple. Try it and discover the ease of Adobe PDF solutions.

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Acrobat PDF Pack

Reliably create, edit, and sign PDFs.

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Acrobat Pro

Our most comprehensive PDF solution with full convert and edit capabilities, advanced protection, and powerful e-signature features.

Annual subscription, cancel within 14 days for a full refund. Windows and Mac.

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