Celebrating Changemakers.

At Adobe, we believe that creativity is more than just good business — it can help transform lives, lift up communities, and make our planet healthier. Discover Adobe customers who are using our products to address important social and environmental issues.

Image by Michael Davie / Ripple Effect Images, 2010

Design-led thinking with Adobe Creative Cloud empowers kids with personalized bionic arms.


“Our role is not only to develop and provide accessible technology, but also utilize the power of visuals to amplify our bionic kids’ and families’ voices and stories to build awareness throughout the rest of the community. This is what allows Limbitless to not only garner genuine buy-in and support of our mission, but also empower our bionic kids.”


Mrudula Peddinti, Branding Director

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children used Adobe Experience Manager to deliver timely information and reduce website bounces by 75%.

“When people come to our website, we only have one chance to engage them with the right experience.”

Michelle DeLaune, SVP and Chief Operating Officer

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Sanofi France uses Adobe tools to communicate and engage with healthcare professionals, bringing life-saving therapies to market faster.

“We wanted more than a technology vendor. We were thinking strategically about who could help us evolve in all areas of the business over the long term. As a strategic partner, Adobe can help make us successful in our digital transformation journey.”

Valérie Abrell Duong, Vice President of IT, Digital, and Innovation 

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

State of Utah employees deliver a swift emergency response during dual COVID-19 and earthquake crises with Acrobat Sign.

Utah’s Workplace Teleworking Initiative quickly evolved to a must-have service as unexpected events made it impossible to do business-as-usual. So far, it has been a resounding success in easily handling high volumes of contracts to ensure business continuity.

More Changemakers

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

USA Today captures the attention of millions with “Just the FAQs” explainer videos created with Creative Cloud.

"Our workflow is the same now as it was pre-COVID. I feel like we’ve been preparing for this moment for two years, since we implemented Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise and made our workflow completely digital."

Robert Lindeman, Senior Video Editor

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Census Bureau moves to digital research and testing to provide better experiences in the face of a crisis.

“No one anticipated a scenario quite like COVID-19, but we purposely planned the 2020 Census to be flexible and resilient. But having the ability to get people to respond online has really helped insulate us more than we could have possibly hoped.”

Stephen Buckner, Assistant Director of Communications

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

1mg uses a new content strategy and Adobe Campaign to deliver accurate, verified information during COVID-19 crisis.

“We feel a sense of responsibility to make sure our customers, family members, friends, or anyone who’s been a part of our life get only authentic and verified information.”

Prateek Verma, Leader of Product, Design and Marketing

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Change Healthcare decreased the average time to complete benefits applications by reducing redundant administrative tasks.

“Adobe Experience Manager Forms streamlines the back-end process so that our representatives can screen more patients, improve quality of patient engagement, and ultimately increase our revenue.”

Alex Choy, CIO

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Cut off from many tools and resources due to COVID-19, Temple University students embrace environmentally conscious design.

“This has really opened up the doors for not just students who are conscious about sustainability, but those who will also have to be more mindful of finances. Having this experience and learning, along with our students, we have finally found a silver lining to moving our classes online this spring semester.”

Abby Guido, Assistant Professor of Graphic and Interactive Design

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Penn State integrated Creative Cloud apps into all classrooms to prepare students to be visual communicators.

“Using Adobe Creative Cloud, students learn to craft visual messages that bring people together to build ideas for the future.”

Don Welch, Interim Vice President for IT and CIO

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

The State of Hawaii saved $5 million in 2.5 years by reducing printing and labor costs associated with signing paper documents.

“State employees want to work with the latest tools so that they deliver more to the taxpayer for less cost. Our eSign Services initiative helped kick off a digital transformation throughout the state government that encourages us to be more agile and responsive so that we can deliver better and more valuable services for our citizens.”

David Ige, Governor

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

NECCO shortened the time needed to recruit and qualify foster parents.

"Adobe products allowed us to reduce our response time to foster parent inquiries from an average of five days to a few hours.  That has allowed us to place more children with loving families."

Eric Tayce, Director of Marketing

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

S&P Global Market Intelligence coordinated programs resulting in a 95% process rate of marketing qualified leads.

“Here at S&P Global, our corporate responsibility mission is that our essential intelligence powers inclusive, sustainable, economies and thriving global communities. With Marketo Engage, we created a strategic, multi-channel marketing approach to solidify our position as a thought leader and key provider in this space.”

Regan Curry, Marketing Manager

Calling all Changemakers.

Is your organization using our products to do good things for people or the planet? We’d love to hear your story and maybe even share it with the Adobe community.