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For manufacturers and developers

Adobe® Flash® Lite™ software is a powerful runtime engine for mobile and consumer electronics devices that benefits both device manufacturers and content developers.

By enabling manufacturers to provide customers with improved web browsing, video content, and compelling interactive experiences, Flash Lite 3 delivers an effective means of differentiating products. Additionally, Flash Lite 3 allows developers to quickly create engaging mobile applications, speed time to market, and increase customer adoption.

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Key features in Flash Lite

MTV Hills
Flash Lite 3 brings engaging experiences like web content and streaming video (FLV) to mobile and consumer electronic devices.

  • FLV support
  • Improved web browsability with support for most Flash 8 content
  • Faster performance
  • MMI extensions for UI design
  • Integrated authoring environment
  • Multiplatform support

Designers and developers

Getting started with Flash Lite

Adobe is committed to providing mobile content designers and developers of all levels of expertise with the knowledge and support they need to increase their business. Explore the following links for additional resources.

To create Flash Lite content, you will need one of the latest versions of the Flash authoring environment, Flash CS3 Professional or Flash Professional 8. Adobe Device Central CS3, a new component in all of the Adobe Creative Suite® editions and several point products including Flash CS3 Professional, enables you to more easily design, preview, and test mobile content.

How can I create Flash Lite 3 content?

Author, test, and publish mobile content for the latest release of Adobe Flash Lite, now supporting FLV and rendering of SWF files for Flash Player 8 when integrated within a mobile phone or embedded web browser. Authoring support for Flash Lite 3 requires both an update to Adobe Flash Player Update for Flash CS3 Professional software and an update to Adobe Device Central CS3.

Flash Lite 3 web browsability guidelines

There’s no need to create a separate web experience for the desktop and mobile devices. Learn how you can optimize and extend your existing Flash enabled web content to mobile devices.

Developer resources

Mobile and Devices Developer Center

Take advantage of extensive online resources and information on Flash Lite and mobile design and development, tips and tricks, samples, and more.

Adobe Mobile Developer Program

Get free access to a broad range of services, information, and support to help design, develop, and market Flash Lite applications and content for mobile devices.

Additional resources


2007 Flash Lite Game Contest: Call for Entries

Submit your Flash Lite game to one of the three regional categories (Americas, EMEA, Asia) by February 15th, 2008. Prizes include $5,000, an Adobe Creative Suite 3 software license, and three O’Reilly books.

Flash Lite Online Live Seminar Series

Attend this free eSeminar series and learn how to create engaging mobile experiences with Adobe Creative Suite 3 products.

Customers and analysts

Customer stories

iriver U10 portable media player

iriver U10 portable media player

iriver U10

iriver's U10 portable media player uses Flash Lite to provide an innovative user interface and great digital experience. Consumers can download and play rich, interactive content using Adobe Flash technology.

Flash Lite mobile game interface

Flash Lite mobile game interface


Veteran game developer uses Flash Lite to easily create new games for mobile phones. Production costs are lowered and time to market is increased.

Flash Lite mobile game

Flash Lite mobile content


Leading mobile phone content developer uses Flash Lite to deliver expressive, dynamic content such as games, graphics, ring tones, and more.

Analyst reports

IDC white paper: Addressing growing handset complexity with software solutions

IDC analyzes the challenges that wireless carriers, content developers, and handset manufacturers are facing in today's complex and growing mobility market and explains how Flash Lite addresses these issues. Some of these issues are also identified in a Harris Interactive survey.

Download the white paper (PDF, )