Version comparison

  Flash® Lite™ 2.1 Flash Player 7 SDK Flash Lite 3
Sound support
MIDI Device dependent No Device dependent
PCM and ADPCM Yes Yes Yes
MP3 Yes Yes Yes
8 channel No No No
32 channel No No No
Image and video support
PNG During authoring or device dependent(1) During authoring During authoring or device dependent(1)
JPEG Yes Yes Yes
GIF During authoring or device dependent During authoring During authoring or device dependent
Animated GIF During authoring During authoring During authoring
MPEG-4 and other video formats Device dependent During authoring Device dependent
FLV No Yes Yes
8-bit alpha channel video No No No
Video import/encoding No Yes No
Multimedia support
Dynamic loading of multimedia files Yes(2) JPEG/MP3 only Yes(2)
Text support
Character set UTF-8 UTF-8 UTF-8
Complex languages (Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) Yes No Yes
Dynamic text Yes Yes Yes
Device-specific vector fonts Yes Yes Yes
Improved small text readability Yes Yes Yes
Text measurement Yes Yes Yes
Text wrap Yes Yes Yes
Inline text input Yes No Yes
Predictive text support Yes No Yes
Rich text styles No Yes No
FlashType No No No
Improved text layout No No No
Emoticons Yes No Yes
Emoticons in predefined color No No Yes
Keyboard events Device dependent Yes Device dependent
Key-based navigation Yes Yes Yes
Mouse/stylus events Device dependent Yes Device dependent
Mouse wheel support No Yes No
Programming features
Flash version supported Flash 7 or earlier Flash 7 or earlier Flash 8 or earlier
ActionScript™ version ActionScript 1.0, 2.0 (Flash 7 or earlier) ActionScript 1.0, 2.0 (Flash 7 or earlier) ActionScript 1.0, 2.0 (Flash 8 or earlier)
Dynamic loading of SWF data Yes Yes Yes
XML parsing Yes Yes Yes
String/array/XML-to-native-objects conversion Yes Yes Yes
ActionScript strict mode Yes Yes Yes
Set/clear interval Yes Yes Yes
Shape-drawing API Yes Yes Yes
Ability to store data Yes Yes Yes
Bitmap effects and filters No No No
Bitmap caching No No No
BitmapData API No No No
Blend modes No No No
9-slice scaling No No No
Stroke enhancements (endcaps and joins) No No No
Linear and radial gradient enhancements No No No
External API for browser scripting No No Yes
File upload/download No No No
IME API enhancements No No No
Other features
Generic browser interface Yes ActiveX® or Netscape Yes
Dynamic memory handling Yes Yes Yes
Device-specific capabilities Yes No Yes
Metadata support No No Yes
Background transparency Yes(set in host application) No Yes (set in host application)
Forward lock No No Yes (set in host application)
Printing No Yes No
Object model (for components) Yes Yes Yes
Improved event model Yes Yes Yes
XMLSockets Yes No Yes
Flash Media Server connectivity (RTMP streaming) No Yes Yes
Flash Media Server connectivity (Remote Shared Object) No Yes No
Scriptable masks Yes Yes Yes
SWF file compression Yes Yes Yes
Accessibility Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic discovery of device features Yes Yes Yes
ActionScript exception handling Yes Yes Yes
Improved ActionScript performance No No 15% to 20% improvement over Flash Lite 2.1
Improved rendering performance No No 20% to 30% improvement over Flash Lite 2.1
Web services and SOAP API Yes Yes Yes
New preloader API Yes Yes Yes
Progressive download No Yes Yes
Basic version check and update mechanism No No No
Express install No No No
Enhanced local file security No No Yes
SVG-T 1.1 Yes No No
Flash Lite features
Access to device-specific features (volume, backlight, vibrate, and so on) Yes No Yes
Native application launch Yes No Yes
Reduced runtime memory consumption Yes No Yes
Graceful handling of out-of-memory condition Yes Yes Yes
Interruptible/re-entrant player Yes No Yes
Runaway script limit Yes Yes Yes
ActionScript slicing Yes No Yes
System requirements
Player size (core player DLL) 450KB 1.0MB (Microsoft® Windows®/Windows CE) 380KB
CPU characteristics 32-bit data bus, 200MHz ARM9 32-bit data bus, 300MHz ARM9 32-bit data bus, 200MHz ARM9
Minimum RAM requirements 128KB 4.5MB 128KB
Recommended RAM 2 MB 32MB 2MB for standalone content, more for video (varies by file size, duration)
Content size-to-heap ratio 1:15(3) 1:30 1:15(3)(4)
Platform/browser support
Reference platforms Symbian™, BREW Windows XP (standalone, ActiveX), Windows CE (ActiveX), Linux® (standalone, Netscape plug-in), Pocket PC (ActiveX) Symbian, Windows XP
Browsers supported No Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox No

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  1. Transparency supported
  2. JPEG and MP3; other formats dependent on device-specific codecs
  3. Estimated worst-case memory consumption: for example, for playback of 100KB SWF file, the recommended memory configuration is 1.5MB
  4. Memory usage when playing back video managed by active buffering in Flash Lite 3