Capture colour. Transform video.
Capture inspiring colour and light on your iPhone or iPad. Then save what you see as a Look to apply to your Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC or Premiere Clip video projects.


Adobe Hue CC
Adobe Hue in action.
Use your iPhone or iPad to capture colour and light from the world around you — or even from photos in your camera roll or Adobe Creative Cloud account — and then use those colours as Looks to enhance your video projects.
Visualise colour and light
Visualise colour and light
View colour and light in three-dimensional space so you can see the structure of your Look.
Refine your Looks
Refine your Looks
Customise your Looks by using intuitive tools to shift midtones and adjust intensity.
Create collections
Create collections
Save collections of customised Looks based on real-world scenes and then use them to transform your video footage.



Refine your Looks
Live preview
Get the full impact of your Look by applying it to a sample image or video as you fine-tune the details.


Adobe video app integration
Adobe video app integration
Apply Looks created in Adobe Hue to Premiere Clip videos on your iPhone or iPad or use them in Premiere Pro or After Effects projects on your desktop.
Refine your Looks
Creative Cloud connected
Save Looks to your Creative Cloud Libraries, where you can access them across apps or share them with colleagues.
Learn & Support
Learn Adobe Hue with our easy-to-follow tutorials or find answers in the forums and FAQ.
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 Colour your scenes with any colours you see.
Drawn to perfection: Feature 1
Drawn to perfection: Feature 2
Drawn to perfection: Feature 3
Take inspiration from the world around you and use it to create customised Looks for your Premiere Clip, Premiere Pro CC or After Effects CC projects.

        Connected to Creative Cloud.
The Looks you create in Adobe Hue are saved to your Creative Cloud Libraries so you can access them straightaway in Premiere Clip, Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC or share them with colleagues.
Creative Cloud brings together the world’s best creative apps for desktop and mobile, plus more connected ways of creating and sharing.
Capture beautiful colour wherever you see it.

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