Adobe and Social Networking


Last updated: December 1, 2019


Please be aware that personal information you make available via social media apps and websites may be viewed, collected, and used by us and others. Collection and sharing of personal information on social media apps and websites is governed by the privacy policy and practices of the social media provider.


Adobe may collect information about you in connection with social networking sites in several ways, including:

  • When you sign in to an Adobe app or website using a social networking account, such as a Facebook account. These social networking sign-in features may also enable an Adobe account to be created more easily by using the information you provided to the social networking site
  • When you use an Adobe app on a social networking site or choose to join (or “like”) an Adobe page on a social networking site (such as the Adobe Photoshop page on Facebook). In these situations, the social networking site may make some information about you available to Adobe. Please see the privacy policy for the social networking site to learn more
  • When you interact with an Adobe social networking page or content, we may use cookies to learn which links you clicked (learn more about cookies and how we use the information collected)
  • When you make information publicly available on your social networking page
  • When the social networking sites provide us with statistics and insights


We use this information for purposes described in the Adobe Privacy Policy.


To learn more about the privacy practices of a social networking site on which you interact with Adobe, please refer to the privacy policy for that social networking site.


Please see our Marketing page for more information about how we advertise on non-Adobe websites, including social networking sites.