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Learn How Adobe Connect can help Enterprises with Business Continuity, Governments with Rapid Response and Schools with Virtual Classrooms in current Public Heath Emergency situation.
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Build Virtual Command Centers for mission critical operations
As the federal, state and local departments internationally, rally their personnel and citizens for a rapid response to public health emergencies, Adobe Connect can provide the necessary infrastructure that is secure, scalable & accessible to build virtual command centers.
Collaborate with various participating federal, state and local agencies
Ensure all participants have the most updated information, alerts, warnings and other important intelligence while managing incident response.
Real time
Real time information exchange among geographically dispersed field respondents
Support mission critical operations with law enforcement officers, firefighters, public health officials, National Weather Service, or SWAT members participating in a live virtual environment sharing the same common operational picture (COP) for key decisions on ground.
Launch scalable online citizen awareness programs as part of emergency preparedness measure
Amplify key community messages, answer questions and have discussion via live virtual briefings to the citizens broadly. 
See how U.S. Department of Defence, DISA uses Adobe Connect
for rapid response
See how Department of Homeland security (DHS) uses Adobe Connect HSIN for mission
critical operations
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Adobe Connect for Rapid Response
In the current public health emergency, real time communication is critical. Find out how Adobe Connect can help virtual operation briefings, citizen outreach and emergency preparedness.
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Using Adobe Connect rooms for a ‘common operational picture’ among respondents.
Use Adobe Connect rooms
for a ‘common operational
picture’ among respondents
Employing the best practices for inter-agency virtual collaboration sessions
Employ the best practices
for inter-agency
virtual collaboration sessions
Promoting virtual citizen outreach & education sessions
Promote virtual citizen
outreach & education
Tracking progress, participation & course effectiveness
Track progress,
participation & course