The advantage of generating AI art with Adobe Firefly.

  • Firefly creates beautiful artistic and photorealistic images based on simple text prompts typed into a browser-based interface — perfect to help speed up creative workflows.
  • Once Firefly generates images, you can adjust the results by adding more description to the prompt or by using tools to tweak the style, theme, lighting, and composition.
  • Designed to be safe for commercial use, Firefly is trained on Adobe Stock, openly licensed content, and public domain content where copyright expired.

How generative AI can help creators explore every idea.

How Adobe Firefly differs from Stable Diffusion.

Retro futuristic boom box with sunglasses

Text-to-image prompt: Retro futuristic boom box with sunglasses.

The Adobe commitment to the creative community.

So, what content does Adobe Firefly train on?

The Adobe Firefly advantage for creative work.

17th century sailboat traveling through a wormhole

Text-to-image prompt: A wormhole opens in outer space and a huge 17th century sailboat emerges.

More ways Adobe Firefly can help you work.

  • Create initial concepts to give a science fiction book cover artist inspiration.
  • Brainstorm colorful textured patterns for a standout website redesign.
  • Explore ideas for a unique series of professional headshots for a creative agency.
  • Practice different angles for real estate photos of beach house interiors, all from your desk.
  • See what toys look like in different miniature settings to pitch an intriguing catalogue spread.
  • Try out themes and subjects for your next wallpaper design.

How to use Adobe Firefly.

It’s easy to get started and easy to use Adobe Firefly. With the simple browser-based interface, Firefly is as quick as typing in what you want to see. Ask for a “sleeping bear in nightgown and nightcap” and you’ll get four versions of that in a few seconds. Then, adjust your prompt and see variations in the color of nightgown or the breed of bear before using other tools to fine-tune your creation.

How to refine your AI creations in Adobe Firefly.

Add additional text to your prompt.

More specific prompts deliver more specific results. “Create a tiny yorkie dog looking cute” will give you a cute puppy, but ask for it to be wearing a bowtie and a hat and prepare for cuteness overload.

Choose the content type.

Firefly gives you three options for the content type it will generate in the Text to image model: Photo, Graphic, or Art. Select from these different options to see variations of any prompt that look more like graphic designs or professional photos.

Tweak your results with Styles, Lighting, and more.

Once you have your generated creations, whether they are artistic images or photorealistic, you can refine them with tools in Firefly. Choose from styles like cubism and maximalism in the Styles menu, which features different art movements, and themes. You can even choose different materials like fur or clay to adjust the texture of the image.

Refine the Lighting options, as well as the Color and Tone of an image, to explore different looks for your results. And choose from photo compositions like Close up, Shot from above, and others to try out a variety of views.

Mix and match options from these menus, or stack them together, to create even more possibilities for each text to image prompt.

Hot air balloon full of flowers and butterflies, orange sky in background, happy birthday basket balloons, cubism, wide angle, golden hour, vibrant color

Text-to-image prompt: Hot air balloon full of flowers and butterflies, orange sky in background, happy birthday basket balloons, cubism, wide angle, golden hour, vibrant color.

Explore text effects in Adobe Firefly.

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