Al has always been on our minds.

For centuries humans have conceived of artificial intelligence in mythology and fiction. From Talos, the giant bronze automaton (self-operating machine) that protected the island of Crete in Greek mythology, to the spacecraft-controlling HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey, our imaginations have been captured by the idea of intelligent machines created by humans.

Now AI technology is part of everyday life, analyzing data, making predictions, and boosting productivity. Most recently, in the form of generative AI, it’s helping us create art.

What is artificial intelligence?

The three types of AI.

Narrow AI

Reactive machines

Limited memory AI

Building covered with Plants

Where generative AI fits in.

Types of generative AI.

Text generation

Image generation

Sound generation

Video generation

ultra hd, a kangaroo skydiving

Text-to-image prompt: ultra hd, a kangaroo skydiving

Adobe and the future of generative AI.


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