How to draw a line in {{photoshop}}.

Go from point A to point B with the Line tool. From there, unlock the potential of all the shapes {{photoshop}} helps you create.

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A graphic design featuring a tennis court that has been created using lines in Photoshop.


There’s more than one way to draw a line.

Photoshop gives you dozens of methods for creating compelling linework, whether it’s for a design layout or a detailed illustration.

An illustration of a person that has been created using the Pencil tool.

Pencil it in.

The Pencil tool lets you draw lines without rough, blurry, or distorted edges. Make sharp linework with the power of pixels.

Try the almighty brush.

The Brush tool is one of the most indispensable tools in Photoshop for creating lines. Adjust weight, hardness, size, or color to suit your needs, and then paint as if with a real brush.

An abstract design that has been created using the Brush tool. Settings are shown for Brush Size, Hardness, and Type.
A grid-style background pattern that has been created using the Line tool.

Draw the perfect line.

To work as if with a ruler, the Line tool is at the ready. Create perfectly straight lines, no matter the angle, that are easy to modify and shift once created.

Don't forget your pen.

The Pen tool can create selections, line segments, and curved lines. You’ll have precise control over where you want to go to draw everything from waves to lightning bolts.

An illustration of three people using virtual reality headsets that has been created using the Pen tool.

Pick your line.

Lines might seem self-explanatory, but drawing and controlling them is a foundational skill for many different projects. Here are some of the unconventional ways you might use lines:

A grid-style background pattern that has been created using the Line tool.

Build a grid or a guide.

Creating vertical lines and horizontal lines with the Line tool can be useful in the planning stages of a project or if you’re building a plan for a construction project like a bench or chair. Perfect lines allow for perfect end products.

Highlight aspects of your design.

Whether you’re working on a poster, a custom logo, or another graphic design element, decorative lines can often be just the right touch for making the design more creative and coherent.

An image of abstract art with decorative lines added to the canvas.

How to draw a line with the line tool.

The Line tool creates a line segment that you can customize. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select it:
    Select the Line tool in the toolbar with your cursor.
  • Shape it:
    In the top menu, make sure Shape is selected.
  • Color it:
    Change the color under Stroke Options using the Color Picker.
  • Thicken it:
    Next to Stroke Options, you can also change the weight of the line or turn it into a dotted line or a dashed line.
  • Draw it:
    Click and drag the line to the length you want and release the mouse button at the end point. Hold the Shift key while you draw for perfectly straight lines.


Upgrade your linework.

Learn to make lines and other shapes with these helpful tutorials.

An example of line art. An illustration of a person sitting by a pool.

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Line art can range from minimalistic cartoons to highly detailed sketches. Learn how to start drawing with line art.

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An example of brushstrokes being used to create an image of mountains.

Discover brushstrokes.

Brushes are one of the most versatile tools within Photoshop. This guide will teach you how to create different kinds to complement your lines.

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An example of the watercolor texture being used on a picture of a forest.

Textures and other tricks.

Textures, like watercolor, add depth and contrast to your work. Once you’ve finished learning about linework, texture is a great next step.

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A photo of a person hand-drawing letters with a brush on paper.

Try hand lettering.

After perfecting line work, you can move on to creating stunning hand lettering. Learn to turn lines and curves into beautifully designed words.

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