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What can you do with {{photoshop}}? | Instantly expand images

Instantly expand images.

Click and drag beyond the borders of an image with the Crop tool, then use Generative Expand to fill the extended canvas with new content that blends with the existing image. | Make entire scenes from scratch

Make entire scenes from scratch.

Go from a prompt to whatever you imagine. With Text to Image, you can quickly produce custom creations featuring anything from people to places, and more. | Crop an image

Crop an image.

Select part of an image with the Crop tool and remove everything outside the selected area, or pair it with Generative Expand to extend the image. | Combine images

Combine images.

Create a composite of two or more images by placing them on their own independent, transparent layers. | Add text to images

Add text to images.

Incorporate words into your photos and images to create eye-catching designs. | Make imperfections vanish

Make imperfections vanish.

Click and drag the Spot Healing Brush tool over small objects or flaws in your image to remove them.

#5C5CD1 | Adobe Express

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