Digitize and enrich assets with our 3D photogrammetry app.

Transform real-life pictures into photorealistic materials, 3D objects, and HDR environments using our premier 3D scanning software.


Discover the foundations of Substance 3D Sampler.

Jump-start your creativity with foundational video tutorials. You’ll learn how to use 3D capture to transform photos into realistic materials, models, and HDR lights. | ImageLink | :play:
convert images into 3D assets using Substance 3D sampler

Transform pictures into 3D assets.

Easily import photos to automatically generate models, materials, and lights with features powered by Adobe Sensei.

Combine and mix materials.

Blend materials with filters to create advanced surfaces.

sampled 3D materials created with photogrammetry software
sampled 3D tropical leaves using 3D capture software

Access an extensive content library.

When you pair sampled assets with content from the Substance 3D Assets library, the possibilities are endless.

#333333 | Photoshop

Accelerate your 3D workflow.

Use filters and generators from Substance 3D Designer, build light environments for Stager, or send assets to Painter to finalize their surfaces. You can even edit inputs directly into Adobe Photoshop.

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Sampler features a complete digitizing toolbox.

AI-powered scan processing

Image to Material removes shadows, and generates albedo, roughness, normal and displacement maps for you.

Open ecosystem

Use your content anywhere. Easily send your content to other apps like Stager and Painter.

IBL creation

Create HDR environment lights in real time from 360° images. Enrich them with effects and other lights.

Edit in Photoshop

Send any image directly to Adobe Photoshop, with direct feedback back into Sampler.

Built-in photogrammetry

Generate high-quality 3D models from an image series using 3D Capture.

Parametric effects

Combine weathering and natural effects like snow or moss, or blend fabric, patterns and scanned materials with any other existing ones.