Elevate your work by connecting Creative Cloud apps with Substance 3D

From Illustrator to Substance 3D Painter, take your projects from 2D to 3D. | ImageLink | :play:


Design in 2D

Start your project in Illustrator: create vector shapes, add colors, and fine tune your design. Render a 2D image like Get It Studio created here or keep going to turn your design into a 3D model.


Make it 3D

Import your design into 3D modeling software or extrude it directly in Illustrator.


Find materials & textures

Choose 3D materials and textures from the Substance 3D Assets library or create your own.


Paint & render every detail

Use Substance 3D Painter to paint and apply materials directly onto your model. Create imperfections like wear & tear with dynamic brushes and tools that make your models feel real.

“After pivoting to 3D with Substance, we are able to manage multiple projects at the same time, offer quick variants to our clients, and find the right material.”

Alexandre Armand & Sandra Golay, Get It Studio

Branded packaging design

Blend Illustrator with the power of Substance 3D to create mockups.

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Transform 2D logos to 3D

Create a 2D logo with Illustrator and extend it into 3D with Substance 3D.

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3D design tips

Learn how designers, studios, and companies are using Substance 3D.

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