Substance Community Assets is a place to share your materials, models, and more. They can be used for your project work for free. It is a good idea for an artist to use them to save time. The Substance Community Assets library contains a wide range of materials: woods, metals, fabrics, brick walls, stylized materials, etc.
Before delving into the project, we’d like to warmly thank the 3D artists who have been contributing to the platform and sharing their assets for free with the rest of the Substance 3D community. The platform thrives and exists thanks to you and your work, and we’re happy to announce we’ve just crossed the mark of 1000 assets in the library!

Diorama scene

The aim of this project was only to use the materials available in the Community Assets library and showcase them in a scene. When it comes to art direction and creative decisions, initially we came up with a color palette and categorized materials according to the color theme. We had a lot of challenges. How could we use a wide range of materials in one scene along with realistic and stylized materials? So, we came up with an idea of a simple diorama scene with basic models which opened possibilities to use a wide range of materials and explore creative ways to light the scene.

I used 25 different materials and 1 smart material from the library. Each material is unique. For example, the Wicker material from Lennart Demes has exposed parameters. I just had to play with it and in a few minutes, I got to the desired result. On the other hand, the Watercolor Palette material from Francesca Previtali is unique and did go well with the scene without making any changes to it. Overall, I had to make minor adjustments to Color using HSL and Roughness using levels according to art direction.

Lennart Demes

I always find it exciting to see my materials showing up in other people’s artwork. It’s a fun game for me to see where they ultimately show up and how people integrate them into their art.

90% of the work has been done in Substance! The rock was sculpted in Substance3D Modeler, Initial scene setup was done in 3ds Max, materials application and minor adjustments in Substance 3D Painter, staging, lighting, and rendering in Substance 3D Stager. I never finish my project without a post-process pass! All images are post-processed in Photoshop and Aftereffects.

Fatih Gümüş

I found the Artwork very successful and I am happy to have my

Wood parquet

material used in this project. I think the Substance Community Assets library is super useful for artists to find free assets.

The Clay material from Niall Twomey also had a few exposed parameters, Color, Age, and Roughness, these exposed parameters allowed me to use and balance the color throughout the scene. For the whole scene, I had two clay materials with contrasting colors. The Age parameter allowed me to break the uniformity and make it look realistic. I also took the opportunity of adding variation to the roughness in Painter by using the grunge map.

Niall Twomey

The Clay material provides a really good earthy, soft and glossy feel to the scene. I think the Substance Community Assets library is a great way to pick up materials to enhance projects and helps everyday 3D artists enhance their work both quickly and efficiently.

The Metal Plate material can generate endless variations, I ended up playing with it and creating multiple variations. This material allowed me to create a clean metal surface in a few seconds but, when I realized this was not going well with the scene, I just had to change a few sliders to get the dirt and rust on the surface in seconds. How cool is that! One material and endless variations.
As an artist, I specialize in texturing and lighting. To be honest I do not enjoy modeling as much as I enjoy texturing and lighting, so to speed up the process I used some of the models from the 3D Assets library which has high-end content. I used 7 different models in the scene, as you can see below. Also, what I really like to see is adding those details in texturing and using displacement to pop things out! So sometimes I feel like a skilled modeler using texturing!