The key to expert material creation is consistency and realism. Today’s Sampler release aims at improving both by adding a physical size to your materials, allowing a consistent display across apps as well as metadata input to tackle custom pipelines. A new weave tool completes the lineup, allowing you to create more realistic and personalized fabric materials.

Keep your material scale precise

When creating a digital materials library from scanned physical samples, it is essential to be able to set and see the right scale for your materials, not only in Sampler, where you digitize them, but also in other apps down the pipeline whenever you apply these to 3D objects. Today’s release allows you to match both the look and the scale of your captured materials.
First, Sampler lets you measure and set the size of your material manually or use the auto-measure feature if your image already contains DPI information. Once set, the physical size will adapt automatically whenever you tweak your material (crop, tile, and so on). The “Display with Physical Ratio” option also allows you to work with non-square scans and samples and maintain the physical size in these cases.

The Physical Size is embedded into your exported .SBSAR, making it easy to leverage it in other applications down the line. CLO 3D users can already take advantage of the feature and Substance materials imported in the app will automatically be scaled to fit the garment actual size, no more eyeballing!

Support for Physical Size is coming to other 3rd party application as well as in other Substance 3D products soon, keep an eye out for more updates!
If you want more insights on how to get the physical size workflow just right, we’ve put together a tutorial which should help get you down to the details.

Your assets travel with their identity

Physical size isn’t the only concern we have with our materials; There is a virtually endless pool of metadata we might want to attach to our materials. If you add a custom metadata field to your material file, the information you’ve set will be stored within the .SBSAR (.SBS as well) and travel with it.

Design your cloth fabrics with your custom weave patterns

And now it’s time to get complete control over your warp and weft with the all-new weave tool. Create exactly the fabric you want, no matter how complex the stitches:
You can work with predefined patterns or create your own simply by painting the warps and wefts. You’ll see the fabric come together and you can go back and forth as many times as you want until it feels just right. Play with colors, create multilayer fabrics, explore new patterns: make fabulous weaves!
And if you want to get down to the details of this tool, here’s a tutorial.
The Substance 3D Sampler release is available right now. For further information, please see the documentation. And don’t forget to show us what you create!