Hello again, material lovers. It’s time to get out of sight. Today we’ll disappear into the wilderness of the camouflage material collection already available on Substance Source. This collection has over 280 parametric materials including fabrics, meshes, nets, plastics, and paint. It’s a complete toolset to hide your digital footprint.

Broader intention for uses of camouflage

While military usage of camouflage comes to mind most easily, we designed this collection with a broader intention. There are plenty of non-military uses of camouflage — such as making mobile phone towers appear less prominent, for instance. Patterns derived from military camouflage are frequently used in fashion clothing, because of their strong design, and sometimes their symbolism, or simply to mimic natural biomes. Camouflage themes are recurrent in modern art, both figuratively and literally, as well as in science fiction.

Whether you’re working on the next first-person shooter video game, looking to make a statement with your fashion collection, designing an extreme performance sportswear line-up, or blending a building into a concrete jungle, digital applications for parametric patterns are truly endless.
  1. Chapter 1: The Base Materials
  2. Chapter 2: Principles of Camouflage
  3. Chapter 3: The Patterns
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Stay safe, stay healthy and if we can’t see you it means we’ve done our job well!

3D models designed with Marvelous Designer.