In Spring 2022, 28 students embarked on a new journey: a two-week workshop focusing on the upcoming Substance 3D Modeler. Organized by Adobe and Cycle, a creative agency focused on boosting student talent and career development, the students paired into groups, and were invited to design a helmet concept with the help of Substance 3D Modeler.
ISD Rubika is one of the top design schools located in France. The industrial and transportation design students used Modeler to quickly ideate concepts in a virtual space, allowing for smooth collaboration and fast exploration. The intuitive way of creating shapes and volumes with clay-like modeling resulted in easily testing ideas and quick iteration.

The aim of this workshop was for students to try out VR modeling in Modeler and see how this new workflow could boost their creativity. It was also a great opportunity for the designers of tomorrow to get access to unreleased software and participate in the development by providing extensive feedback on their experience.

For the students, it was an entirely new way of working, and in just a few days, they were able to fully model a helmet, the benefit of Modeler being that you can switch from VR to desktop seamlessly. The smooth integration with other Substance 3D software allowed them to also explore tools such as Painter or Stager, for texturing and rendering respectively.

Check out the different projects the students worked on and learn about their unique experience with Substance 3D Modeler Beta

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