Predictable printing in a rapidly changing work world!

Print better, faster, and more predictably with printers powered by Adobe Embedded Print Engine

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Predictable printing in a rapidly changing work world!

Print better, faster, and more predictably with printers powered by Adobe Embedded Print Engine

Unleash exceptional printing performance with printers powered by Adobe Embedded Print Engine. Experience printing consistency that mirrors your on-screen content, ensuring that what you print is precisely what you see. Benefit from color accuracy that breathes life into your prints, making every hue pop with true-to-source vibrancy. Additionally, enjoy the efficiency of faster prints, optimized workflow, and enhanced productivity. Elevate your printing experience with the reliability and quality of the Embedded Print Engine.

The Embedded Print Engine is the cutting-edge print Raster Image Processor (RIP) technology tailored for office/enterprise printers.  The RIP is a crucial software component in many office/enterprise printers. As the brain of a printer, the RIP transforms text, photos, illustrations, and graphics into a raster image (bitmap) - a grid of dots that printers interpret and print.  The Embedded Print Engine natively processes PDF and PostScript files with exceptional precision, powering millions of printers worldwide across a diverse spectrum of device types and ensuring that every print faithfully reproduces the quality and intent of the original design.

Screen on Screen

Seen on-screen, accurately reproduced on paper

Experience precise PDF rendering and color handling.  Every print you make is a true reflection of what you see in Acrobat Reader across desktop, mobile, and web, ensuring a seamless transition of the document from digital view to tangible prints.

The power to print from anywhere error-free

Unlock the freedom to print from any source - desktop, mobile, tablet, or cloud, transmitting documents seamlessly to printers powered by the Embedded Print Engine.  Even poorly constructed PDF files are expertly handled to deliver flawless prints that align with what you see on screen in Acrobat Reader.

Power to print
Powering Printers of every size

Powering printers of every size

Whether personal printers with limited resources, robust office workgroup printers, or entry-level large-format printers, the Embedded Print Engine supercharges them with capabilities like native PDF rendering and parallel handling of multiple jobs/pages.  Enjoy the consistent, next-gen performance that simplifies and elevates your printing experience.

Leading Print OEMs trust Adobe Embedded Print Engine

many more to come

Many more are in the final stages of adoption …

Adobe Embedded Print Engine's unparalleled quality and performance make it the industry’s preferred RIP technology. With a commanding 70% market share in the A3 segment, it is swiftly emerging as the preferred RIP solution in the A4 segment and is poised to attain a 65% market share by 2026.  Additionally, it is gaining momentum in other segments, including entry-level large-format printers, marking a significant industry shift toward Adobe-powered solutions.

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