Many previous Adobe software products, including the Creative Suite, have included Adobe desktop fonts which are installed in the user’s system folder. Today, these bundled fonts have been replaced by desktop fonts delivered by Adobe Typekit. Some applications, like Adobe InDesign, make it easy to quickly identify missing fonts and conveniently sync them from Typekit. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us.

Q. Does Adobe Creative Cloud come with fonts?
A: Yes. Every subscription to the Creative Cloud includes Adobe Typekit. Full (paid) Creative Cloud plans and most single-app subscriptions include a Typekit Portfolio plan, which includes hundreds of fonts for both desktop and web. Other Creative Cloud subscriptions also include a selection of fonts for desktop and web use; refer to the subscription requirements for more information.
Q. Do individual Adobe applications come with fonts?
A: Yes. Any subscription to an individual Adobe application includes a Typekit account. Adobe’s Photography Bundle, which is significantly discounted, includes a selection of fonts for web and desktop with Typekit’s free plan. All other single-app subscriptions include a Typekit Portfolio plan, with hundreds of fonts for web and desktop from Adobe and other type foundries.
Q. Did Adobe take away the fonts it used to bundle?
A: No. All of the same fonts which used to be installed onto users' computers are available for desktop sync and web use from Typekit — along with hundreds more great typefaces from Typekit’s other foundry partners, available for desktop sync, web, or both.
Q. Didn’t I buy those fonts?
A: The license for software which included bundled fonts allows those fonts to be used while the software is installed. That means if you uninstall the software, you are no longer licensed to use the fonts. And if you upgrade, you have a new software license which might grant different rights.
The Adobe Creative Cloud now provides desktop fonts for its users via Typekit. The same set of fonts previously bundled and installed with Adobe applications is now part of Typekit’s Portfolio plan. You are licensed to use the fonts as long as you are a Creative Cloud (or Typekit) subscriber.
Didn’t I buy those fonts?
Q: But I can't include these font when I use the Package feature!
A: Because desktop fonts from Typekit are provided by subscription, they cannot be copied and moved by the Package feature (or users). However, any recipient of your document who is also using Creative Cloud can use Typekit to sync the necessary fonts if they don’t already have them installed. In many cases, simply creating a PDF of your document with the fonts embedded is a convenient way to send a document for print output or publishing. (See also Packaging files that use synced fonts.)
Q. Will Adobe remove any fonts installed on my computer?
A: Adobe products will not remove fonts you have installed on your computer. Even fonts installed at the system level by previous Adobe products, like the Creative Suite, will remain until you move them, delete them, or erase your hard disk.
Some Adobe products include embedded fonts which are not installed in the system fonts folder, but are available from your font menu only within the application. Any such fonts will be removed if you uninstall the application.
Will Adobe remove any fonts installed on my computer?
Q. Which fonts were bundled with previous versions of Creative Suite and Creative Suite Applications?
A: Fonts included with Creative Suite 6
    Fonts included with Creative Suite 5 and 5.5
    Fonts included with Creative Suite 4
    Fonts included with Creative Suite 3 and previous versions