Get your Excel spreadsheets signed and sent.

Learn how to prepare spreadsheets for approval and save paper by streamlining your workflow with e-signatures.

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Keep your data tidy.


From sales information to budget projections, Microsoft Excel documents keep your data organized. But when you share spreadsheets with teams or clients, it can be tricky to ensure they get signed and accepted. 


Whether you’re getting budgets approved or analyzing sales info, Adobe Acrobat Sign can help everyone sign on the dotted line, all while keeping your information neat and consolidated. . 

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Save time with Acrobat Sign.


Digital signatures are ideal for remote teams and can save time and money. And if you need sign-off on financial spreadsheets or data analysis documents, digital signatures can speed up your workflow. Forget waiting at the post office to mail off paperwork for a handwritten signature, or waiting for the courier to arrive with documents from a client. You can now just share your spreadsheets instantly for digital approval. 


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How to sign your Excel documents.


Before you can get your financial documents or sales data approved, there are things you need to get your Excel spreadsheet ready for signature:



1. Prepare your Excel spreadsheet.


Most Excel templates don’t have a built-in signature setup. But if you work on a PC, you can add a Microsoft Office signature line to your document by opening the spreadsheet in Excel and choosing Insert › Add Signature Line. A Signature Signup dialog box will pop up, and you can specify the suggested signer’s title and name. If you use Excel on a Mac, start the process at the next step.



2. Convert your spreadsheet into a PDF.


Microsoft Excel and Word documents can’t be opened for secure signature in Acrobat, so you need to export your spreadsheet as a PDF. Log in to your Adobe account to easily convert and download them as PDFs. Or you can follow this tutorial to quickly save an Excel document as a PDF from inside Microsoft Office.



3. Sign that spreadsheet.


Now that you have a PDF, open it with Acrobat. You can sign the document yourself, or you can get it prepared for someone else to sign. Drag and drop fields for your signer to interact with, like signature fields, checkboxes, and a space for the signer’s email address. You can also add text boxes that allow the signer to add comments. From there, simply send the PDF to someone else for review.



4. Convert your PDF back to an Excel sheet.


When your document is signed, open the PDF in Acrobat, and click the Export PDF tool. Then you can choose Spreadsheet as your export format, and specify Microsoft Excel Workbook as the file type. Click Export, and if your PDF document has scanned text, Acrobat will run text recognition automatically. Then just name and save your signed Excel worksheet file.

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Make Acrobat part of your business world.


Don’t let the documents or format you work in limit your ability to tap into the benefits of digital signatures. Going paperless is good for the environment and for your business — e-signatures add speed and convenience, while helping push forward business goals. 


The NatWest Group used electronic signatures to reduce their carbon footprint, improve business productivity, and create secure financial processes. And with their new digital workflows, they saved nine million sheets of paper, 960 thousand gallons of water, and 336 thousands pounds of wood.


From financial records to project management workflows, Excel documents are vital to keeping your company running smoothly. And with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, it’s easier than ever to edit, share, and approve your files. 


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