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Formalize the job offer with a letter of employment.

Before you hire a new employee, start your relationship on the right foot with an employment offer letter.

The ABCs of a job offer letter.

In an offer of employment, an employer outlines the terms of employment for a potential employee. These are generally used for long-term, full-time positions. Like any other contract, it’s essential to get this in writing. Not only does it make the expectations for both parties clear, but it becomes a legally binding contract, or an employment agreement, once the new employee signs it.


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You’ll need to include different details, depending on the job title, but most employment contracts contain the following:

Job title and description

With a job description, you can set clear expectations of the new employee’s role and duties. This section can also include other important information, like who their manager/supervisor is, whether the position is part-time or full-time, starting date, work schedule, and the company’s policies.

Compensation package and employee benefits

Besides establishing the new employee’s starting salary, this section can inform the frequency of payment and options for receiving wages, such as direct deposit. Additionally, it can spell out the employee’s eligibility for other benefits, like health insurance, paid sick leave, and stock options.

Company’s policies

This is usually a short paragraph detailing that employment is subject to the company’s policies, procedures, and the rules in the employee handbook, which may be revised at any time.

At-will employment

This section explains whether the position is considered at-will employment, meaning that either party can terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason. It’s essential to avoid any language that implies a fixed-term employment period, as such language may render at-will status null and void.

Confidentiality agreement

Keep trade secrets and client lists safe, and avoid potential legal action, with a confidentiality agreement and a requirement that the employee disclose any employment restrictions.

List of contingencies

Clarify that this offer of employment depends on a background check, reference check, and proof of the new employee’s right to work in the U.S., according to your state’s laws. For certain roles, you might need additional contingencies, like a valid driver’s license or an active certification.

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Express and generate excitement.

While not a formal part of the hiring process, an employment contract is a great way to show prospective employees how eager you are to work with them. It also provides clarity upfront, setting the expectations and tone for the employment relationship before the start date. If the prospective employee is considering multiple offers, the terms of employment outlined in your job offer letter may sway their decision in your favor.

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Sign on the dotted line, online.

With Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can create your own job offer letter template, which you can customize to your company’s needs. Change the offer letter format with just a few clicks. Be intentional about what’s in the employment contract; you want to deliver as promised. When it’s ready, send your job offer letter to be signed and returned within minutes.


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