How to write a bill of sale for land or real estate.

Follow these three easy steps to create a professional land or real estate bill of sale.

Similar to how a bill of sale is used for vehicle transactions, a bill of sale can also be used for the transfer of land or real estate. Whether you’re a private seller, buyer, or real estate agent, it’s important that the document be thorough and complete. Below are three simple steps for writing a legally-binding bill of sale that transfers ownership of land or real estate.

Step 1: Set up a real estate bill of sale template.

With the right tools, setting up a bill of sale for real estate or land only takes a few minutes. Buyers and sellers can choose from countless real estate bill of sale templates that are prebuilt and ready to use.

However, if you want to draft your own, an intuitive document creation and e-signature software lets you easily personalize a bill of sale form yourself. Generally, all you’ll have to do is drag and drop fields to enter the pertinent transaction information.

Step 2: Fill in the bill of sale form.

Protect the property’s buyer and seller by making sure you’ve collected every important detail, and entered them into the bill of sale form. You should include:

Step 3: Get the real estate bill of sale form signed.

Once the sale terms have been agreed to and inserted into the form, simply ensure all involved parties provide their signatures and the sale is complete.

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