A quick guide to a purchase order form.

Learn why purchase order forms are vital for businesses and how you can easily write and sign them.

Most businesses need a steady flow of supplies to keep their operations running. Purchase orders ensure smooth and less risky purchasing processes between businesses and suppliers. Read on to learn more about purchase orders in general and what to include when you create yours.

What is a purchase order form?

A purchase order form is an official contract document in which a buyer agrees to purchase goods or services from a vendor. Purchase order forms are crucial because they standardize the business’ procurement process. They help you buy supplies faster, provide a paper trail for bookkeeping, and can serve as proof in disputes.

There are different types of purchase order forms, such as standard, planned, and digital. They all achieve the same end goal, only with slightly different terms used in each.

What to include on a purchase order form.

There’s no universal standard for purchase order forms. However, they should include at least the following details:

  1. PO number: The purchase order number is a small code number that helps you identify different orders.
  2. Buyer and vendor details: Include the names and contact details of both the buyer and seller.
  3. Order details: List each item you plan to purchase, alongside the order volume, product codes, and prices.
  4. Delivery details: Detail where, when, and how the seller should deliver the product, together with shipping costs.
  5. Summary: Include the subtotal, applicable taxes, and the grand total.

If you want to make sure you don’t forget any important details, there are many free purchase order templates available online.

Sign your purchase orders digitally.

Every purchase order form needs to be signed. You can make approving them faster with electronic signatures. E-signatures are legally binding, simple to process, and save money on printing and paper costs. With Adobe Acrobat Sign, you can add and request signatures, track requests, and more.

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