Electronic signature audit trails.

Learn about the value of the esignature audit trail for greater security and peace of mind.

When most businesses consider using esignature solutions, security and legality are their top two concerns. In fact, esignatures are just as legal as traditional handwritten ones and can actually be more secure — all thanks to the esignature audit trail.

What is the esignature audit trail?

The electronic signature audit trail is a digital log that archives when and where a document was signed, and by whom. Sometimes called an audit log or certificate of completion, it enables your business to verify each signature and trace it back to the signer.

What should be included in an esignature audit trail?

To verify an esignature, the electronic signature audit trail needs to include specific information that enables any interested parties to verify esignature validity. The following data is required:

Information like this can be used to ensure that the signatures are valid and authentic. This authentication process is why esignatures can be utilized with legal documents.

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