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Draw a sphere

In FreeHand, a sphere is a circle with shading applied. By filling a circle with a radial gradient fill, and then moving the center of the fill to correspond with the light source of the image, you can create a realistic sphere.

1 Open the deconstruct_1.fh10 tutorial file in FreeHand.
To serve as a visual aid, the file contains a final version of the still-life image alongside the simple grid.
2 Choose File > Save As to save a copy of the tutorial file with a new filename.
Tip: Saving the file with a new name protects the original file from being altered, allowing others to complete the tutorial after you have finished. It's a good idea to save your file frequently as you work through the tutorial.
3 Use the Ellipse tool to draw a circle.
Tip: Shift-drag constrains the ellipse tool to a circle.

4 In the Fill inspector (Window > Inspectors > Fill), choose Gradient from the pop-up menu, and select the Radial button to apply a radial gradient fill.
5 Drag the center point in the preview up and to the left.
6 Choose the Ball Shadow color swatch for the shadows of the sphere, and the Ball Highlight color swatch for the sphere's highlights.

7 Use the Stroke inspector to remove the stroke (if any) from the object.
8 Place the sphere on the simple grid in the approximate location it appears in the sample image.

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