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Deconstructing FreeHand graphics: Part 2

Macromedia FreeHand 10 is a powerful, easy-to-use application for creating images from the simple to the complex. In fact, it's so easy to use that you may be able to create most of the images you want with little or no training in the fundamentals of vector-oriented drawing. However, by learning how to use FreeHand to produce the basic shading techniques common to all artistic mediums, you can expand your capabilities to produce artwork beyond your expectations.

In this tutorial, you will examine an existing image, and then create your own version using FreeHand 10. To teach the techniques used to draw the original, this tutorial "deconstructs" the image one element at a time, letting you take a close look at how each piece was drawn.

This tutorial differs from the usual Macromedia tutorial format by offering steps that give guidance and examples, but not precise instructions. Before you begin, you should be familiar with the FreeHand tools and workspace, and you should be able to use FreeHand Help for help using a particular tool or command. When you complete the tutorial, you will have learned some of the ways FreeHand lets you express basic artistic techniques.

This tutorial is presented as a two-part series. Deconstructing FreeHand Graphics: Part 1 teaches you how to draw a sphere, a cup, a cube, and a string of pearls. Part 2 teaches you how to draw a cone, a magnifying glass, and a wood-grained surface.

Download the Windows source file (12K)
Download the Macintosh source file (12K)

When the file decompresses, a file named deconstruct_2.fh10 is created on your system.

Note: Macintosh users should be sure to use the latest version of Stuffit Expander to decompress the tutorial file. On many computers, the version of Stuffit Expander is the version that was installed with the operating system. This may not be the most recent version of the program.

If you have trouble downloading or decompressing the files, see TechNote 13686.

Examine the sample image
Draw a cone
Draw a magnifying glass
Draw a wood-grained surface
Finish the drawing

29 May 2002

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