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You can use master pages, styles, and symbols together to optimize your workflow in Flash. Master pages allow you to apply formatting to a large number of pages at once.

Master pages are special nonpasteboard pages that can contain any object or graphic symbol that ordinary pages can contain, except for page numbers. You can use master pages to create objects and set page attributes shared by a range of pages in a document. You can change a master page at any time, and the changes you make are reflected in each child page. A child page is a copy, or instance, of a master page.

You can use symbols and styles with master pages to further optimize your workflow. Symbols and styles are especially useful when a document contains more than one master page. You can update all instances of a symbol or style on all master and child pages at once.

For more details about master pages, see the section on master pages in FreeHand Help or the Using FreeHand manual.

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