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Using symbols to optimize your workflow

This article contains a hands-on tutorial that demonstrates how to create a library of FreeHand symbols out of objects that you use frequently. It also shows you how to use these symbols to quickly and easily add and update many instances of the same graphic throughout a document.

A symbol is a graphic object that is stored in the Symbols panel for frequent reuse. Instances are representations of the original FreeHand object that has been stored as a symbol. When you modify the symbol object (the original), all instances of it automatically change to reflect modifications to the symbol.

Symbols are particularly useful for graphics that need to be updated quickly and often, such as weather maps that appear on the nightly news. Symbols are also useful in documents (or across many documents) that use the same graphics over and over, such as an annual report that uses a company logo throughout.

For details about symbols, see FreeHand Help or the Using FreeHand manual.

Create a symbol library


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