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View gradient behaviors

Gradient behaviors determine how a gradient fills an object. Examine these samples to understand how gradient behaviors affect the appearance of a gradient.

In Normal behavior, the positions of the start and end points determine the length of the gradient. This example shows a linear gradient.

In Repeat behavior, the gradient repeats itself the number of times you specify. In this example, the linear gradient repeats three times.

In Reflect behavior, the colors transition from one end of the gradient ramp and then back, going through one transition for each Repeat count. In this example, the linear gradient reflects three times.

In Auto Size behavior, the length of the gradient is set to the exact width and height of the object. Auto Size behavior is the gradient behavior used by previous versions of FreeHand, so no gradient handles are needed. The Auto Size behavior makes it easy to ensure that the length of a gradient precisely fits the object to which it is applied.

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