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FreeHand MX Lessons

The FreeHand MX lessons give you a first-hand look at how some of the new FreeHand MX features work.

FreeHand MX lesson 1: Applying multiple strokes and fills

With FreeHand MX you can apply multiple strokes, fills, and effects to one object. Find out what all the fuss is about.

FreeHand MX lesson 2: Using vector and raster effects

Learn how to apply live vector and raster effects to an image.

FreeHand MX lesson 3: Using the Extrude tool

Learn about one of the most interesting and useful tools in FreeHand MX.

FreeHand MX lesson 4: Using gradients

See the new gradients available in FreeHand MX, and learn how to modify them with new gradient handles.

FreeHand MX lesson 5: Using Flash movies

Learn how easy it is to work with Macromedia Flash within the FreeHand MX workspace.

FreeHand MX Tutorial

The FreeHand MX tutorial offers a more in-depth, hands-on look at the workflow involved in producing a FreeHand MX document. Find out how to use many new FreeHand MX features as you navigate the new user interface.

FreeHand Tutorial: Illustration Basics

Learn more about new FreeHand MX features by applying basic illustration techniques.

FreeHand Tutorial: Designing with Imported Artwork

Use this tutorial to further your knowledge of FreeHand MX features, and learn how to design FreeHand illustrations using imported artwork.

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