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FreeHand tutorial: Designing with imported artwork

If you completed FreeHand tutorial: Illustration basics, which is the first tutorial of this two-part series, you designed a product logo. In this tutorial, you'll incorporate that artwork into a larger document: a sales brochure. Although you're not required to complete the previous tutorial before beginning this tutorial, Macromedia recommends that you work through the previous tutorial for a more complete experience with the new Macromedia FreeHand features and MX interface.

The tutorial takes approximately 1 hour to complete, depending upon your experience, and teaches you how to perform the following tasks:

Download the source file
View the completed file
Open an existing document
Import a FreeHand illustration
Apply special effects
Import a Macromedia Fireworks PNG file
Get creative with text
Work with styles
Import a Macromedia Flash SWF movie
Create a clipping path
Preview the document in Macromedia Flash Player
Take the next steps

9 February 2003

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