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Import a Macromedia Flash SWF movie

Just as FreeHand and Fireworks can share content, FreeHand and Flash also share tight integration. In this procedure, you'll import a SWF movie that was created in Flash. FreeHand can import Flash SWF files that include ActionScript code, as this one does.

1 In the Layers panel, click the padlock icon beside the PDA Screen layer to unlock it, then click its layer name to make it the active layer.
2 Select File > Import.
3 Double-click the mp3.swf file in the FHMX_Tutorial/Assets folder.
The import pointer appears.
4 Click anywhere in the document to place the animation. The SWF movie is already sized appropriately, so there is no need to resize it.
5 In the Dimensions section of the Object panel, set the movie's x and y coordinates to 289.808 and 411.1, and remember to press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh) to apply the new values.
The SWF animation is positioned directly on top of the reflective PDA screen.

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